I Am Boudoir

Look no further than I Am Boudoir for a Fresno-based boudoir photography studio that can capture women in a manner that makes them feel at home in their own skin. I Am Boudoir can make the booking and purchasing process seamless and easy for local women, with a session fee including a photography and beauty team, complimentary hair and makeup services, use of client wardrobe with tons of sizes and styles available, and professional retouching and editing of the resulting images. Sessions with I Am Boudoir typically last three hours.

Address: Fresno, CA

Phone: 559-825-1212

Facebook: I Am Boudoir

Instagram: I Am Boudoir

Contact : I Am Boudoir Team


B You Boudoir

B You Boudoir is a Fresno-based boudoir photography studio with a storied reputation when it comes to providing women with unforgettably intimate photographs. Tiffany is the head photographer with B You Boudoir, and she ensures that all women feel maximally heard and seen in her studio, no matter their body type, shape, size, or age. B You Boudoir offers photo shoots that last one hour in length, with 15 digital images released afterward and additional images available for an additional fee per image. Print options are available, and shoots can occur in or outside of Tiffany’s studio. 

Address: Fresno, CA

Phone: 559-216-1810

Facebook: B You Boudoir

Instagram: B You Boudoir

Contact : Tiffany


Rather B's Boudoir

When it comes to boudoir photography services across Fresno and beyond, Rather B’s Boudoir is a local company that can offer some of the highest quality services to be found in the area. Rather B’s Boudoir offers easy-to-book packages with offerings including photo shoot coaching and posing direction lasting up to four hours, hair and makeup services, options of location between a private studio, the home of the client, or an outside location, and an in-person viewing and ordering session to take home the best images of the shoot.

Address: Fresno, CA

Phone: 559-404-0955

Facebook: Rather B's Boudoir

Instagram: Rather B's Boudoir

Contact : Brandon Rather


Beyond Beauty Boudoir

Beyond Beauty Boudoir is one of the local favorites for boudoir photography, an incredible studio in which women can be captured in a raw and intimate setting. Beyond Beauty Boudoir makes sure that the fit is right between the client and the photographer, so consultations are scheduled in advance of a shoot to make sure the blend of personalities and intentions is correct. After that, sessions are scheduled, with hair and makeup services included to make women feel and look as beautiful as possible. Wall art and physical photo albums can be purchased after the photo shoot as well.

Address: 75 Bullard Ave. #1, Clovis, CA 93612

Phone: 760-994-2766

Facebook: Beyond Beauty Boudoir

Instagram: Beyond Beauty Boudoir

Contact : Edna


Taylor Photography

For a Fresno-based boudoir photography studio of maximal excellence and a high standard of quality, check out Taylor Photography. Taylor Photography sets up an easy and effortless process for clients that begins with the scheduling of a session and then continues with wardrobe selection, preparation details for the shoot, and then the day of the session with hair and makeup services prepared by a professional stylist on staff. During the shoot, the photographer at Taylor Photography will coach women through every pose and shape to guarantee a stunning set of photographs.

Address: Clovis, CA 93611

Phone: 559-803-3713

Facebook: Taylor Photography

Instagram: Taylor Photography

Contact : Taylor


Hannah Gaul Photography

Boudoir photography sessions are a must-schedule with Hannah Gaul Photography, a studio based out of Fresno with a great history of helping women feel empowered and beautiful through photo shoots. Hannah Gaul Photography offers a package that includes the release of digital images and the option to take home physical art prints for an additional fee. The booking price with Hannah Gaul Photography includes three hours of services, enough time to ensure that every angle and every pose is captured. Professional hair and makeup services can be added for an additional fee. 

Address: Fresno, CA

Phone: 559-940-1171

Facebook: Hannah Gaul Photography

Instagram: Hannah Gaul Photography

Contact : Hannah Gaul

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Now that you’ve finished checking out our list of the top eight boudoir photographers to be found across Fresno, California and beyond, we hope that you know a little bit more about what to look for in a boudoir photography studio. You want a photographer who can make you feel absolutely comfortable and relaxed in your own body, prepared for a vulnerable and sensual photo shoot that will have you posing and styling as if you were a professional model. If that sounds like an exciting experience to you, we hope that you’re able to go through with a booking and purchasing process with your favorite boudoir photography studio on this list! 

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