DollFace Studio

DollFace Studio is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios in all of Philadelphia and beyond, providing local women with unforgettable boudoir photo shoots in the comfort of a gorgeous studio setting. DollFace Studio can empower and inspire women of all walks of life, no matter their size or age, offering a photo session that embraces the magnetism and beauty of the human body in all of its forms. DollFace Studio offers a variety of amenities including leather albums for physical photographs, professional makeup and lashes styling, vintage sets, and a viewing gallery for convenience.

Address: 1639 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone: 215-684-2970

Facebook: DollFace Studio

Instagram: DollFace Studio

Contact : Siobhan


James Kern Photography

Look no further than James Kern Photography for a boudoir photo experience that transcends the basics and offers an absolutely transcendent artistic expression for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. James Kern Photography has a studio located in Philadelphia, maximally accessible and convenient for women in the local area. James Kern Photography begins the process with a meet and greet, and then continues on to the photo shoot in a studio with hair and makeup styling, three outfit changes included, styling within the studio throughout the series of poses, and then image retouching and printing to cap off the process.

Address: 1300 S 19th St Unit 209, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Phone: 215-850-3968

Facebook: James Kern Photography

Instagram: James Kern Photography

Contact : James Kern


Celeste Patrice Boudoir

Celeste Patrice Boudoir is a boudoir photography company located in Philadelphia, perfect for local women hoping to facilitate a boudoir photography shoot. Celeste Patrice Boudoir offers a variety of all-inclusive packages that make the booking and purchasing process maximally convenient for all clients. These packages include such offerings and amenities as professional makeup styling, a complimentary consultation in advance of the photo session, sixty minutes of photography services, complimentary image retouching and editing, and a viewing and ordering session on the same day as the session.

Address: 3245 Amber St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 267-519-0723

Facebook: Celeste Patrice Boudoir

Instagram: Celeste Patrice Boudoir

Contact : Celeste Patrice


Rick Marin Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography services, Rick Marin Photography is one of the most qualified local boudoir photographers across Philadelphia and beyond. Rick Marin Photography is staffed by professional photographer Rick himself, and Jessica, a devoted makeup stylist who can take care of women leading up to the photo session in the Philadelphia-based studio. Passionate about providing each and every client with an unforgettable photo shoot full of luxury and enchantment, Rick and Jessica with Rick Marin Photography create a maximally comfortable atmosphere in which women can feel empowered to be their best selves throughout the photo shoot and after. 

Address: 9240 Angus Pl, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Phone: 215-626-6503

Facebook: Rick Marin Photography

Instagram: Rick Marin Photography

Contact : Rick Marin


Ivan Guzman Photography

Ivan Guzman Photography is one of the most celebrated boudoir photography providers in all of Philadelphia, a great resource for local women scheduling an upcoming boudoir photo shoot. Ivan Guzman Photography is owned and operated by Ivan himself, and he can offer complimentary consultations in advance of booking a session to ensure that the process and experience is exactly what the client in question is hoping for. Ivan Guzman Photography begins the process with a coffee or tea session right before the photo shoot, then continues on with the intimate portrait session using any special items the client hopes to bring, and then ends with the reveal session immediately after the shoot.

Address: 5231 Germantown Ave, Ste 108, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Phone: 323-347-9687

Facebook: Ivan Guzman Photography

Instagram: Ivan Guzman Photography

Contact : Ivan Guzman


Allebach Photography

Allebach Photography is a notable boudoir photography outlet located in Philadelphia, specializing in boudoir photo shoots with a touch of glamor and an emphasis on comfort and self-expression. Allebach Photography can accommodate single person boudoir photo shoots or couples boudoir photo shoots for a variety of potential experiences. With Allebach Photography, free phone consultations can be scheduled in advance of a booking or a photo session in order to guarantee that the experience is exactly as desired. Potential photo shoot styles include “boudoir after dark,” “Renaissance-style photos,” and other such unique atmospheres.

Address: 403 E Walnut St, North Wales, PA 19454

Phone: 610-539-6920

Facebook: Allebach Photography

Instagram: Allebach Photography

Contact : Mike Allebach


Aliza Schlabach Photography

Nothing can match the sheer romance and refinement of the photo shoots with Aliza Schlabach Photography, a Philadelphia-based boudoir photography outlet. Aliza Schlabach Photography can accommodate gorgeous boudoir sessions out of their fully-equipped studio located on Main Street. Aliza is the head photographer at this company, and she takes an approach that combines her passion for photography and her passion for getting along with people into one unique craft. Aliza Schlabach Photography can accomplish boudoir shoots of pure beauty while keeping her clients comfortable at all times.

Address: 4347 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone: 215-858-4658

Facebook: Aliza Schlabach Photography

Instagram: Aliza Schlabach Photography

Contact : Aliza Schlabach


Kseniya Berson Photography

Kseniya Berson Photography is one of the most qualified and notable photography studios located in Philadelphia, a valuable source of boudoir photography services for local women looking to indulge that fantasy. The recipient of a vast catalog of awards and honors from a variety of photography-centric publications and media outlets of true prestige, Kseniya Berson Photography is a high-quality photography company for a boudoir photo shoot that will not be soon forgotten. Kseniya Berson Photography, in fact, has been named “one of the top 100 wedding and boudoir photographers in the world,” making her studio an absolute must-see and must-visit when planning a Philadelphia-based boudoir shoot.

Address: Parking lot, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 267-614-8238

Facebook: Kseniya Berson Photography

Instagram: Kseniya Berson Photography

Contact : Kseniya Berson



Sophistication and beauty are the things that come to mind when looking at the magnetic previous work of KatieMayClicks, a boudoir photography studio based out of Philadelphia. KatieMayClicks initiates a process for boudoir photography shoots that begins with a planning session to hash out everything from the outfit colors to the best local stores, continues with hair and makeup styling session just in advance of the photo shoot, and then three outfit changes during the shoot for a taste of bespoke luxury. Pose guidance can be provided during the photo shoot as well, allowing women to find their most beautiful and sensual angles in a non-judgmental setting.

Address: 92 Bethlehem Pike, Philadelphia, PA 19118

Phone: 609-216-6730

Facebook: KatieMayClicks

Instagram: KatieMayClicks

Contact : Katie


Mia Paige Photography

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 215-932-6602

Facebook: Mia Paige Photography

Instagram: Mia Paige Photography

Contact : Merideth

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top ten boudoir photographers across the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area and beyond, we hope that we’ve armed you with some incredible information that will reward you as you evaluate your local options for boudoir photography studios! Boudoir photo shoots can be sensual, intimate, vulnerable, exposed, and open to interpretation, meaning that an incredible boudoir photographer can gesture at intriguing, enigmatic questions that the viewer of the photo will have to reckon with themselves. With all of the unbelievable possibilities before you, there’s no reason not to schedule a boudoir photo shoot with one of these photography studios as soon as possible!

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