Bella Angel Hair and Makeup

Boasting a legacy of excellence, Bella Angel Hair and Makeup stands as a distinguished team of award-winning hair stylists and makeup artists, serving South Jersey and Philadelphia with unparalleled expertise. With over two decades of experience, their skilled professionals are well-versed in enhancing beauty across diverse skin and hair types. Bella Angel prides itself on a commitment to personalized artistry, ensuring every client receives a tailored and flawless transformation. Beyond trends, their timeless approach celebrates individuality, making them a standout choice in the vibrant landscape of Philadelphia’s beauty scene. Discover the epitome of beauty with Bella Angel Hair and Makeup, where experience meets elegance.

Address: 216 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: 856-227-7774

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Victoria DiPietro

Aleksandra Ambrozy Makeup and Hair

Renowned for accentuating natural beauty, Aleksandra Ambrozy Makeup and Hair embodies a personal journey to craft individualized looks that resonate with each client. Owned by the award-winning master makeup artist Aleksandra Ambrozy, the team operates in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, offering over 15 years of expertise in print, television, runway, and bridal makeup. Aleksandra’s narrative, rooted in her passion for makeup and artistic pursuits, unveils a commitment to elevating confidence through personalized beauty experiences. With a philosophy centered on reflecting personality and enhancing natural allure, Aleksandra Ambrozy Makeup and Hair stands as a beacon of creativity and connection in the world of makeup artistry.

Address: 1118 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 646-668-6586

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jaclyn

The Philly Hair & Makeup Co.

With professionalism at the forefront, The Philly Hair & Makeup Co. stands as a beacon of reliability and skill in the heart of Philadelphia. As licensed artists, their commitment is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring every bride embodies the absolute most beautiful version of themselves on their special day. With a mission rooted in timeliness and dependability, this team of experts goes beyond conventional beauty services. They craft an experience that not only enhances natural allure but also creates a seamless and stress-free journey for brides. Choose The Philly Hair & Makeup Co. for a transformative and personalized bridal beauty experience that aligns with their mission to make every moment memorable.

Address: 718 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Phone: 267-687-7936

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ashley

Jacqueline Michelle & Co.

Celebrating over 4 years of shared passion, Jacqueline Michelle & Co. brings a unique blend of glamour and warmth to your most special day. This seasoned team offers a comprehensive palette of hair, makeup, and beauty services, ensuring you and your party radiate absolute confidence and beauty. With professionals boasting over 5 years in the beauty industry, their hand-selected experts go the extra mile for client satisfaction and quality work. Beyond crafting stunning hair and makeup, they promise an experience that enhances your joy. Evolving with the industry’s cutting edge, Jacqueline Michelle & Co. stands as a dynamic choice, driven by a culture of excellence, fun, and respect. Choose them for an unparalleled blend of skill, creativity, and heartfelt service.

Address: 116 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: 610-742-3602

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jacqueline Michelle & Co. Team

Flawless Finish Artistry

Meet the dynamic trio behind Flawless Finish Artistry – Tiffany, Melissa, and Marisa, proud owners bonded by a shared passion for beauty. Hailing from South Philadelphia, these lifelong friends turned business partners have created an exceptional hair and makeup experience that marries uniqueness with affordability. Having individually honed their craft through freelance work, they united in 2014, pooling their extensive knowledge and experience to birth Flawless Finish Artistry. Rooted in a commitment to delivering special, budget-friendly services, this talented trio brings a touch of South Philly charm to the world of beauty. Choose Flawless Finish Artistry for a personalized, affordable, and unforgettable beauty experience.

Address: 1534 Packer Ave #200r, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone: 412-436-9326

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tiffany, Melissa & Marisa

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As we bid farewell to our journey through the best Boudoir Hair and Makeup Artists in Philadelphia, we hope you’ve discovered the perfect artisans to elevate your beauty experience. Your individuality deserves to shine, and these talented professionals are here to make that happen. Whether you’re seeking a timeless look or a trend-setting style, the diverse skills showcased in the City of Brotherly Love offer a myriad of options for every taste. So, embrace your unique charm, and let the experts transform your vision into a reality. In the world of Boudoir Hair and Makeup in Philadelphia, the spotlight is on you, and these artists are ready to ensure that your beauty journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Here’s to celebrating the artistry that makes you, distinctly you!

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