Catherine Cooper Photography

Catherine Cooper Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios across Dallas, Texas and beyond, providing local women with unforgettable boudoir photography services. Catherine Cooper Photography offers clients all-inclusive packages for a seamless booking and purchasing process, with such items included as a boudoir session preparation guide, full hair and makeup styling with false eyelashes included, four outfit changes including an implied nude outfit, in-house image reveal and ordering session, and coaching throughout the session for the best possible results.

Address: 4101 Commerce St #4, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: 214-470-5095

Instagram: Catherine Cooper Photography

Contact : Catherine Cooper


Beautiful You Studios

Look no further than Beautiful You Studios for a boudoir photo studio that can accomplish boudoir photo shoots of supreme glory and romance, perfect for women looking for an ultimately empowering experience. Beautiful You Studios is conveniently located in Dallas and serves the greater metropolitan area with bespoke boudoir photography services. Beautiful You Studios offers an experience with professional hair and makeup styling, a lingerie and preparation guide, take-home complimentary lingerie for and after the photo shoot in all sizes for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, posing direction for a maximally flattering set of angles, digital retouching of all purchased images, and the option for digital images, wall art, and photo albums, among other such items.

Address: 5307 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206

Phone: 469-485-2559

Facebook: Beautiful You Studios

Instagram: Beautiful You Studios

Contact : Candace Perry


Alex Blair Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography services executed with absolute skill and refinement, Alex Blair Photography is a total go-to in the greater metropolitan area of Dallas and beyond. Alex Blair Photography is owned and operated by Alex herself, who offers 13 years of practical industry experience when it comes to capturing women in their most intimate and sensual states. Alex Blair Photography can meet women where they are in terms of confidence and readiness to tackle the more intimate sides of their bodies, coaching women through a series of poses and angles to capture them exactly as they’re most comfortable.

Address: 3809 Parry Ave Suite 201, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: 817-805-4595

Instagram: Alex Blair Photography

Contact : Alex Blair


Beau Boudoir

For practically unmatched boudoir photography services based out of a clean and comfortable studio in Dallas, check out Beau Boudoir for any and all boudoir photography needs. Keeping women comfortable, empowered, warm, and inspired throughout boudoir photography sessions is an absolute must and a total priority when working with Beau Boudoir, where Katie sits at the helm of the operations. Katie understands that boudoir photography can be an intimate, revealing, and vulnerable experience, so she takes very seriously the notion that women should be uniquely cared for and attended to throughout the photo sessions, resulting in photos that are absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Address: 68 Placid Pond Dr, Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: 469-231-1065

Facebook: Beau Boudoir

Instagram: Beau Boudoir

Contact : Katie Thebeau


Pink Door Boudoir

Pink Door Boudoir is a widely loved local favorite when it comes to boudoir photography services, specializing in gorgeous photo shoots that serve as a living record of the self-love and confidence a woman can feel for herself. Located in Dallas and serving the greater metropolitan area, Pink Door Boudoir offers a variety of all-inclusive packages offering such amenities as hair and makeup services applied by a true professional, style and preparation guide, pre-session consultation time, coaching during the session on best poses and practices, image editing viewable in an online gallery, and up to ninety minutes of dedicated photography time for a session that will radiate elegance.

Address: 105 S Tennessee St #104, McKinney, TX 75069

Phone: 214-980-3504

Facebook: Pink Door Boudoir

Instagram: Pink Door Boudoir

Contact : Marie


LUX Boudoir Co

Nearly unrivaled boudoir photography sessions are just some of the offerings with LUX Boudoir Co, an incredible boudoir photography studio located in Dallas and owned by Michael Castleberry, a powerfully qualified photographer. LUX Boudoir Co specializes in boudoir photo shoots that embrace the heightened, self-conscious photo stylings of women who radiate confidence and self-admiration in the most tangible, artful form. LUX Boudoir Co can facilitate photo shoots that result in a series of photos that can be enjoyed just by the subject herself or by a wide range of people.

Address: 100 E Louisiana Street #3 McKinney TX 75069

Phone: 469-751-7369

Facebook: LUX Boudoir Co

Instagram: LUX Boudoir Co

Contact : Michael Castleberry


Alexandra Jo

Alexandra Jo is one of the most favored Dallas-based boudoir photography studios, with a wide range of amenities and features when it comes to boudoir photography sessions scheduled in-house. Alexandra Jo offers 1-2 hour photo sessions to explore the intimacy and vulnerability of a boudoir-style shoot, with professional hair and makeup applied in advance and styling for up to 3-4 outfits. Clients can have access to the studio closet, full of gorgeous, high-quality lingerie items. Professional massage services can also be included with bookings with Alexandra Jo, adding to the sheer luxury of the experience.

Address: 1817 Finch Trail Argyle, TX 76226

Phone: 316-655-7338

Facebook: Alexandra Jo

Instagram: Alexandra Jo

Contact : Alexandra Jo


Aleman Boudoir Photo Dallas

Boudoir photography experiences are the central offering with Aleman Boudoir Photo Dallas, a fantastic boudoir photography studio serving the greater metropolitan area and beyond. Aleman Boudoir Photo Dallas offers amenities including professional hair and makeup services delivered on site, access to a closet chock full of incredible lingerie in all sizes including plus size, accessories and robes provided, expert posing for women of all ages and sizes, three outfit changes and a white sheet set, image retouching, and an ordering appointment to see the beautiful resulting photos in person.

Address: 6703 Levelland Rd suite a, Dallas, TX 75252

Phone: 214-393-7673

Facebook: Aleman Boudoir Photo Dallas

Instagram: Aleman Boudoir Photo Dallas

Contact : Robbie


The Vixen Society

Address: 3711 Parry Ave #201, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: 214-789-9383

Profile: The Vixen Society

Instagram: The Vixen Society

Contact : Tamara Paskey-Alexander


Cinphotos Studios

Address: Dallas, TX

Phone: 214-471-5873

Facebook: Cinphotos Studios

Instagram: Cinphotos Studios

Contact : Cinphotos Studios Team

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top ten boudoir photographers across the greater Dallas metropolitan area and beyond, we hope that we’ve armed you with some incredible intel that you can take forward as you continue to evaluate whether or not a boudoir photo shoot is something you’re looking for! With all of the amazing potential for self-empowerment, betterment, inspiration, romance, and absolute beauty that a boudoir photo shoot can bring, there’s no reason not to at least consider dropping a little bit of money on this unbelievable excursion. After all, how many experiences will leave you with a tangible record that you’ll continue to have to cherish for the rest of your life? With all of that said, we wish you the best of luck as you continue along the process of scheduling a boudoir photo session! 

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