Afosa Boudoir

Afosa Boudoir is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios to be found in and around El Paso, capturing women in their most vulnerable states through a series of photos that can reflect inner inspiration, introspection, and intimacy. Afosa Boudoir offers photography sessions that stretch out over a relaxing and pressure-free four hours, which will include hair and makeup services and application, two hours of photo coverage with up to four outfit changes, and a same-day viewing and ordering session. For the quick and easy process, Afosa Boudoir is an absolutely excellent El Paso choice of photography studio for a boudoir session.

Address: 1287 Sun Kings St, El Paso, TX 79928

Phone: 915-314-1975

Facebook: Afosa Boudoir

Instagram: Afosa Boudoir

Contact : Ovi & Jennie


Michelle Casteel Photography

Look no further than Michelle Casteel Photography for an El Paso-based boudoir photography studio that can speak to the special and intimate nature of womanhood. Michelle Casteel Photography can provide a totally empowering experience to local women scheduling boudoir photo shoots, with a variety of easy-to-book collections that include bespoke art pieces including silk print images mounted on styrene, luxurious black photo albums, and fine art albums, among other such pieces. The experience with Michelle Casteel Photography typically lasts up to three hours, which includes hair and makeup services, the photo shoot, and a same-day viewing and ordering session. 

Address: 712 N Ochoa St, El Paso, TX 79902

Phone: 915-234-7399

Facebook: Michelle Casteel Photography

Instagram: Michelle Casteel Photography

Contact : Michelle Casteel


Coffee & Boudoir

Coffee & Boudoir is an El Paso-based boudoir photography studio, a perfect resource for local women looking to schedule a photo session that reveals their inner and outer beauty and radiance. Coffee & Boudoir initiates a process that begins with a consultation in advance of the photo session to discuss the logistics as well as the artistic expectations of the boudoir photography experience, meaning that Jennifer and her clients will always be on the same page. Coffee & Boudoir allows women to choose up to three outfits for the photo session, with no need to shoot in lingerie, as jeans, tanks, jackets, and other such clothing items can be easily incorporated. Hair and makeup services can be provided on-site right before a photo session.

Address: 2135 Texas Ave, El Paso TX 79901

Phone: 913-713-1978

Facebook: Coffee & Boudoir

Instagram: Coffee & Boudoir

Contact : Jennifer Binford


Sara Liz Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography services, Sara Liz Photography is an El Paso local favorite for the unbelievable amenities and offerings that will amaze all female subjects. Sara Liz Photography is owned and operated by professional photographer and industry expert Sara herself, and Sara is a tried and true practitioner when it comes to both the logistical process of capturing a woman in a boudoir setting as well as keeping women comfortable and at ease throughout the photo shoot. Sara Liz Photography is a highly qualified and skilled choice of boudoir photographer in the greater area of El Paso and beyond.

Address: El Paso, TX

Phone: 915-497-4711

Facebook: Sara Liz Photography

Instagram: Sara Liz Photography

Contact : Sara Liz


Ceci Mitre Photography

Ceci Mitre Photography is one of the most celebrated local studios to be found in and around El Paso for boudoir photography, a unique and intimate art form that can empower and amaze all local women who partake in it. Ceci Mitre Photography describes its photographic style as “timeless, non-intrusive, and creative,” making this studio an incredible choice for a boudoir experience that keeps the female subject at the center of the process. Ceci Mitre Photography has been in business since 2012 in the area of El Paso, meaning that the decade of experience in professional photography services will be put to excellent use on any female subjects with whom Ceci collaborates on a photo shoot.

Address: El Paso, TX

Phone: 915-478-1791

Facebook: Ceci Mitre Photography

Instagram: Ceci Mitre Photography

Contact : Ceci Mitre


Krafted Werx

For a boudoir photography shoot that is skillfully and artfully executed and curated, Krafted Werzx is an absolutely fantastic boudoir photography studio based out of El Paso and providing services to women located in and around the area. Helping out clients no matter the “age, body type, color, race, gender, sexuality or background,” the photographers at work at Krafted Werx can ensure that the process of boudoir photography shoots at this studio are aimed at confidence-boosting above all through a series of powerful and divinely inspired images. Sessions with Krafted Werx come with a wardrobe consultation, a preparation guide, and up to three hours of photography time in the studio with a same-day viewing and product ordering session.

Address: El Paso, TX

Phone: 915-319-8539

Facebook: Krafted Werx

Instagram: Krafted Werx

Contact : David J. Flores


Pixel Collector Photography

Pixel Collector Photography is one of the most qualified boudoir photography outlets in all of El Paso and beyond, a company with whom female subjects can place their trust for an upcoming shoot. Pixel Collector Photography serves the areas of Las Cruces, Sunland Park, Socorro, and beyond, with available services including portraits, headshots, glamor, fashion, fine art, and boudoir photography. The wide-ranging services at Pixel Collector Photography are a boon for clients looking for multiple types of photography or simply looking for a certifably excellent and versatile photographer who can capture women in all of their angles, styles, and settings.

Address: 2135 Texas Ave, El Paso, TX 79901

Phone: 915-301-3048

Profile: Pixel Collector Photography

Facebook: Pixel Collector Photography

Instagram: Pixel Collector Photography

Contact : Ryan

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Now that you have had a moment to check out our list of the top 7 boudoir photographers to be found across El Paso, Texas and beyond, we hope that you feel just a little bit more ready to take on the ins and outs of scheduling a boudoir photography shoot. This can be as simple as getting a deal in writing and a date on a calendar or as complicated as evaluating several local options over the phone or in person through a series of consultations. Whatever it takes for you to feel maximally comfortable with your boudoir photographer, we encourage you to do exactly that.  This is so that you can feel absolutely ready, willing, and able to expose yourself in a state of ultimate vulnerability when the time comes for your photo shoot with one of these eight unbelievable local studios! 

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