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Philadelphia, PA
DollFace Studio

DollFace Studio is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios in all of Philadelphia and beyond, providing local women with unforgettable boudoir photo shoots in the comfort of a gorgeous studio setting. DollFace Studio can empower and inspire women of all walks of life, no matter their size or age, offering a photo session that embraces the magnetism and beauty of the human body in all of its forms. DollFace Studio offers a variety of amenities including leather albums for physical photographs, professional makeup and lashes styling, vintage sets, and a viewing gallery for convenience.

Address: 1639 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone: 215-684-2970

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Siobhan

Celeste Patrice Boudoir

Celeste Patrice Boudoir is a boudoir photography company located in Philadelphia, perfect for local women hoping to facilitate a boudoir photography shoot. Celeste Patrice Boudoir offers a variety of all-inclusive packages that make the booking and purchasing process maximally convenient for all clients. These packages include such offerings and amenities as professional makeup styling, a complimentary consultation in advance of the photo session, sixty minutes of photography services, complimentary image retouching and editing, and a viewing and ordering session on the same day as the session.

Address: 3245 Amber St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 267-519-0723

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Celeste Patrice

Allebach Photography

Allebach Photography is a notable boudoir photography outlet located in Philadelphia, specializing in boudoir photo shoots with a touch of glamor and an emphasis on comfort and self-expression. Allebach Photography can accommodate single person boudoir photo shoots or couples boudoir photo shoots for a variety of potential experiences. With Allebach Photography, free phone consultations can be scheduled in advance of a booking or a photo session in order to guarantee that the experience is exactly as desired. Potential photo shoot styles include “boudoir after dark,” “Renaissance-style photos,” and other such unique atmospheres.

Address: 403 E Walnut St, North Wales, PA 19454

Phone: 610-539-6920

Social: Instagram

Contact : Mike Allebach

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Pittsburgh, PA
The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir

Nestled in Pittsburgh’s vibrant Strip District, The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir (GFE) stands as a beacon of empowerment in the realm of intimate photography. Led by Stephanie, a seasoned boudoir photographer with over 10 dedicated years, GFE offers more than just captivating images—it grants permission. Permission to embrace self-love, take control, and evolve. Stephanie’s mission goes beyond the lens; it’s about creating a luxurious, supportive, and, above all, fun boudoir experience. With a focus on building trust and camaraderie, GFE ensures every session feels like a journey with a trusted friend. Step into vulnerability, feel powerful, and declare yourself a force to be reckoned with—this is the essence of The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir.

Address: 2517 Penn Ave #4603, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: 330-931-7918

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Stephanie

Flash Boudoir

For over a decade, Flash Boudoir has redefined self-love through transformative photography experiences in Pittsburgh and beyond. Founded by Krystyn, this studio specializes in traditional boudoir, maternity, couples, editorial, and beauty photography. With a soulful and fun approach, Flash Boudoir transports clients to a realm where they embrace their beauty, confidence, and undeniable allure. Beyond photography, Krystyn offers body confidence coaching, mastermind groups, and events, creating a supportive community. Celebrate your journey, revel in self-love, and let Flash Boudoir craft a visual narrative that reflects your unique beauty—because at Flash, every woman is a goddess.

Address: 4316 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Phone: 412-874-5688

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Krystyn

Pittsburgh Luxury Boudoir

Discover the empowering world of Pittsburgh Luxury Boudoir, where confidence soars and inner beauty radiates in every frame. Specializing in editorial-style boudoir photography, Emma, the lead photographer, unveils the genuine you, capturing a transformative self-love experience. This studio celebrates women of every shape, size, color, and background, fostering inclusivity and diversity. Beyond photography, Emma’s team, including Dani and Vic, creates a supportive atmosphere, prioritizing body positivity. Pittsburgh Luxury Boudoir is not just about pretty pictures—it’s about capturing the essence of you and guiding you through a journey of self-discovery. Join this movement of empowerment, where clients become cherished members of a community that uplifts and celebrates the beauty within.

Address: 601 E Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Emma

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Lancaster Pa, PA
Leslie Gilbert Boudoir

Leslie Gilbert Boudoir, a luminary in the realm of boudoir photography in Lancaster, PA, invites every woman to embrace the transformative experience of celebrating oneself. With a philosophy that reveres individuality, Leslie ensures that shape, size, and age are mere nuances in the captivating narratives she crafts through her lens. Her seasoned expertise of two decades converges with a passion for self-love, reflected in each photograph that captures the essence of empowerment. As a dedicated photographer, Leslie thrives on authenticity, infusing her sessions with genuine moments, laughter, and even a spontaneous burst into song. Step into Leslie Gilbert Boudoir’s world—where self-worth, self-love, and self-respect take center stage, and every image whispers the beauty of being unapologetically you.

Address: Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-314-7266

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Leslie

Wild Ginger Rebel Boudoir Photography

Passionate about empowering women to embrace their unique beauty, Wild Ginger Rebel Boudoir Photography, led by Danielle, stands as a beacon of body positivity in Lancaster, PA. Recognizing the societal pressures around body image, Danielle’s personal journey fuels her commitment to making boudoir a transformative and empowering experience. The all-female team at Wild Ginger Rebel Boudoir shares this passion, dedicated to helping women own their individuality. Through their lens, they capture not just photographs but moments of self-discovery and confidence. Step into a world where beauty is redefined, and uniqueness is celebrated—Wild Ginger Rebel Boudoir Photography invites every woman to embrace the liberating journey of self-love and empowerment.

Address: Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-949-7800

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Danielle

Shelah Riley Photography

Meet Shelah Riley, the creative force behind Shelah Riley Photography, your passport to an empowering boudoir experience in Lancaster, PA. Shelah’s mantra is simple: do it for you. With a keen eye for visual storytelling cultivated at Millersville University, she crafts sessions that make you feel amazing and empowered in your own skin. Beyond the lens, Shelah’s vibrant personality shines—she’s a green tea enthusiast, avid traveler, and your go-to road trip buddy. Specializing in boudoir and portraits, Shelah invites you to embrace your sexy, love your body, and discover a unique vision brought to life through her lens. Your journey to self-love begins with Shelah Riley Photography.

Address: Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-862-4234

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Shelah

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