Indianapolis, IN

Nine 23 Boudoir

Enjoy a day of pampering and luxury when you book a session with Nine 23 Boudoir. You’ll adore the chic industrial studio, which features designed areas to bring out all of your sexy sides from flirty to moody. Ashley has over 12 years of professional experience as an Indianapolis boudoir photographer. Her all-female team of stylists, photographers, and studio managers will help you from pre-shoot to ordering at the big reveal, which is all the same day. Don’t worry about showing any more skin than you feel comfortable with! 

Address: 1060 N Capitol Ave Suite E400 Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-207-2703

Facebook: Nine 23 Boudoir

Instagram: Nine 23 Boudoir

Contact : Ashley


Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography

This Indianapolis boudoir photographer takes pride in capturing your true self in the most beautiful way. For Cindy, it is about more than taking sexy photos, and her passion is to show you that you are stunning from your soul to your skin. Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography gladly photographs men, women, and couples. There are multiple packages available that come with high-resolution images, including nudes. You can select between half, full, ultimate, and all-inclusive options. 

Address: 1055 N Senate Ave Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-560-4546

Facebook: Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography

Instagram: Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography

Contact : Cindy Johnson


For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

After his wife had a boudoir session of her own almost 20 years ago, Ben Murray could see that she loved the photos, even more than him! He understood the power of boudoir and how all women should go through this beautiful journey of self-love. The all-female crew will help you with hair and makeup to ensure you look and feel your best. Multiple packages are available like Just Enough, A Little Bit More, and I Want It All. Couples boudoir, maternity, and parties are also available, as well as a military package so your soldier can hurry home. Join the Bare It All project, a series of themed boudoir sessions for all types of women, with categories like ink, age, motherhood, hair, and more.

Address: 1055 N Senate Ave Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-431-5490

Facebook: For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

Instagram: For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography

Contact : Ben Murray

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