Indianapolis, IN
Sugar & Spice Moments

Discover the enchanting world of boudoir photography with Sugar & Spice Moments, a premier luxury boudoir experience based in Indianapolis. Owned by the talented Amanda, a British transplant living her happily-ever-after with her American prince charming, this dynamic duo is passionate about capturing your beauty and boosting empowerment. Amanda, a self-taught photographer, and Wilson, a highly skilled photography expert, bring their unique styles to create unforgettable moments. With a love for people and a commitment to empowering others, Sugar & Spice Moments ensures a boudoir experience like no other, leaving clients with cherished images that celebrate their true beauty and confidence.

Address: Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 317-500-1689

Profile: Sugar & Spice Moments

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Contact : Amanda

Nine 23 Boudoir

Enjoy a day of pampering and luxury when you book a session with Nine 23 Boudoir. You’ll adore the chic industrial studio, which features designed areas to bring out all of your sexy sides from flirty to moody. Ashley has over 12 years of professional experience as an Indianapolis boudoir photographer. Her all-female team of stylists, photographers, and studio managers will help you from pre-shoot to ordering at the big reveal, which is all the same day. Don’t worry about showing any more skin than you feel comfortable with! 

Address: 1060 N Capitol Ave Suite E400 Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-207-2703

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Contact : Ashley

Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography

This Indianapolis boudoir photographer takes pride in capturing your true self in the most beautiful way. For Cindy, it is about more than taking sexy photos, and her passion is to show you that you are stunning from your soul to your skin. Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography gladly photographs men, women, and couples. There are multiple packages available that come with high-resolution images, including nudes. You can select between half, full, ultimate, and all-inclusive options. 

Address: 1055 N Senate Ave Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-560-4546

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Contact : Cindy Johnson

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Fort Wayne, IN
The Intimate Story

Capturing the essence of intimacy since 2014, The Intimate Story, led by Amy Dini, specializes in empowering female and couples’ boudoir photography in Fort Wayne, IN. Through their lens, boudoir isn’t just about images; it’s a transformative journey. Encouraging clients to embrace their beauty beyond physicality, their sessions aim to redefine self-worth and ignite confidence. It’s not merely about poses; it’s about unlocking a newfound perception of oneself. The Intimate Story believes in the profound impact of boudoir, reshaping perceptions and fostering self-love. Allow yourself to step into a world where beauty is celebrated in its most authentic form.

Address: Fort Wayne, IN

Phone: 260-341-2769

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Contact : Amy

Radical Babe Studios

Embrace your journey to self-discovery with Radical Babe Studios, a Fort Wayne-based boudoir photography haven dedicated to celebrating all women. Founded on principles of self-love and empowerment, they craft a personalized experience that honors your unique beauty and essence. Whether solo or with a partner, Radical Babe Studios promises a safe, supportive environment where you can unleash your inner confidence and embrace your authentic self. Their mission goes beyond photography; it’s about reclaiming your narrative and feeling empowered every step of the way. Step into their studio and rediscover the radical, raw beauty within you.

Address: Fort Wayne, IN

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Contact : Kirsten Leins

Hope Denton Photography

Hope Denton Photography celebrates the inherent beauty within every individual, striving to counteract societal norms of objectification and body shaming. With a heartfelt mission to empower clients to embrace their inner goddess or god, Hope Denton fosters an environment of self-love and acceptance. Their boudoir sessions focus on capturing the raw, authentic essence of each person, affirming that every body is a boudoir body, perfect in its own right. Through their lens, they challenge societal standards and invite clients to confidently declare their self-worth. Step into their studio and embark on a journey of self-discovery, where your true beauty shines unapologetically.

Address: Fort Wayne, IN

Phone: 260-267-4442

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Contact : Hope Denton

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South Bend, IN
Bold Boudoir & Glamour Photography

Bold Boudoir & Glamour Photography, led by the dynamic duo Chris and Cherry of Distilled Imagery, invites women to embrace their allure and confidence through premier boutique boudoir photography. With a focus on capturing the essence of sensuality in an elegant and feminine manner, they create an experience that goes beyond just taking photos—it’s about empowering women to see themselves in a new light. Through their passion for storytelling and human connection, they help clients shed negative self-perceptions and discover their imperfectly perfect selves. Whether it’s for a fiancé, husband, or personal celebration, Bold Boudoir ensures every client feels sexy, confident, and utterly captivating.

Address: South Bend, IN

Phone: 574-400-5782

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Chris & Cherry

Nico Studios

Meet Chris Erica, the visionary behind Nico Studios, where boudoir photography transcends mere images to become a journey of self-love and empowerment. Inspired by iconic photographers James Nachtwey and David LaChapelle, Chris brings a unique blend of anti-war realism and surrealistic imagery to each session. With a focus on helping clients embrace their beauty and love the skin they’re in, Nico Studios provides luxury tangible and digital products to complement every session. Whether adorning your walls, creating heirloom albums, or crafting unique gifts, Nico Studios ensures that your experience goes beyond photography—it’s about learning to love yourself, one stunning image at a time.

Address: South Bend, IN

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Contact : Chris Erica Pendexter

Butterfly Boudoir by LaDonna Wright Photography

Step into the world of Butterfly Boudoir by LaDonna Wright Photography, where every session is crafted to make you look and feel amazing. With a focus on studio boudoir photography, LaDonna brings years of experience to ensure a memorable and wonderful experience for every client. Recognizing that every woman deserves to feel magnificent, Butterfly Boudoir provides a luxurious retreat from the demands of daily life, allowing you to indulge in pampering and self-celebration. Through beautiful images cherished for a lifetime, LaDonna captures the essence of your beauty and empowers you to embrace your uniqueness with confidence and grace.

Address: South Bend, IN

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : LaDonna Wright

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Evansville, IN
Fearlessly Feminine

Fearlessly Feminine, a premier boudoir photography studio in Evansville, IN, is dedicated to empowering women through emotive and empowering images. Founded by Alisha White, a passionate photographer and advocate of self-love, Fearlessly Feminine offers a luxurious experience focused on capturing the essence of every client. With a background in both digital and film photography, Alisha fell in love with boudoir during a transformative period in her life, leading her to embrace her body and sexuality. As an empath and cheerleader for therapy, she finds immense joy in helping women feel fearless, liberated, and celebrated through her artistry. Fearlessly Feminine is more than just a photography studio; it’s a sanctuary for self-discovery and empowerment.

Address: 616 S Villa Dr, Evansville, IN 47714

Phone: 618-262-6417

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Alisha White

Eleanor Elaine Photography

Embrace the transformative experience offered by Eleanor Elaine Photography in Evansville, IN. Led by Ellie, this boudoir photography studio focuses on creating a supportive space where clients feel empowered to express themselves. With a trauma-informed approach, Ellie ensures every session is centered around the client’s comfort and consent. Drawing from her own experiences, Ellie understands the importance of trust and authenticity in photography. Through collaboration and compassion, Eleanor Elaine Photography goes beyond capturing images—it fosters a sense of confidence and self-acceptance in every client. Step into Eleanor Elaine Photography’s studio and embark on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery.

Address: 313 SE 1st St, Evansville, IN 47713

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ellie

Boudoir by Naomi

Nestled in Columbus, Indiana, Boudoir by Naomi stands out as a top-tier boudoir photography studio highly favored by clients from Evansville. Led by the acclaimed photographer Naomi Hormann, this studio exudes elegance and sophistication, a professional yet inviting atmosphere. Naomi’s exceptional talent lies in capturing the authentic beauty of each woman, leaving clients feeling empowered and confident. With a dedication to professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, Naomi ensures every boudoir photography experience is personalized and extraordinary. Clients rave about how Naomi’s passion and commitment accentuate their natural beauty, making Boudoir by Naomi a sought-after choice among Evansville residents for timeless and empowering photography sessions.

Address: Evansville, IN

Phone: 812-505-4810

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Naomi

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