KKP Boudoir

KKP Boudoir is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios in all of Louisville and beyond, providing local clients with an incredible opportunity to seek out boudoir photography shoots that will make them feel inspired and empowered in their own bodies. KKP Boudoir can schedule shoots for people of all genders, forms, ages, sizes, statures, and walks of life, though femme and female-identifying clients are the primary target of the services provided by this fantastic boudoir photography studio. KKP Boudoir can provide all-inclusive packages with such items as two hours of photography coverage, professional hair and makeup styling, access to a gorgeous client wardrobe, and up to 30 digital high resolution images edited and retouched.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-552-1251

Facebook: KKP Boudoir

Contact : Kaitlin Keane


Ronnie Louis Photography

Look no further than Ronnie Louis Photography for a boudoir photography experience that evokes feelings of awe and wonderment at the female form. Ronnie Louis Photography specializes in photography of all kinds, from head shots to portrait to beauty, and for boudoir photography shoots, Ronnie Louis Photography can highlight all of the very best features of a woman’s body. Ronnie Louis Photography is owned and operated by Ronnie himself, who offers tons of industry experience in the craft of boudoir and nude photography, making this studio a fantastic choice for local women looking for a boudoir shoot of unquestionable quality and of a high standard of excellence. 

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-298-4436

Facebook: Ronnie Louis Photography

Instagram: Ronnie Louis Photography

Contact : Ronnie Louis


Ben Marcum Photography

Ben Marcum Photography is an incredible boudoir photography studio located in the heart of Louisville, a great spot for a local woman to secure the services of a tried and true boudoir photographer. Taking tons of ideas from the fields of sculpture and classic art, Ben Marcum Photography offers complimentary consultations to ensure that the services provided during a boudoir session are in line with the expectations that women come into the studio with; all of this guarantees that photo shoots facilitated by Ben Marcum Photography will be of doubtless artistic integrity as well as being an unforgettable and empowering experience for the woman in front of the camera.

Address: 9940 Linn Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: 502-509-3759

Facebook: Ben Marcum Photography

Instagram: Ben Marcum Photography

Contact : Ben Marcum


Lauren Alexandra Boudoir

When it comes to boudoir photography services, Lauren Alexandra Boudoir is a prominent boudoir photography company based out of Louisville, perfect for local women planning their upcoming photo shoots and looking for an expert photographer. Lauren Alexandra Boudoir is staffed by Lauren Alexandra herself, who offers tons of experience behind the camera and brings that expertise to all of her clients across Louisville. Items included in boudoir photography packages include up to 40 high resolution digital images delivered through an online gallery, the option to purchase additional physical prints and wall art, and use of the home studio.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-501-3801

Facebook: Lauren Alexandra Boudoir

Instagram: Lauren Alexandra Boudoir

Contact : Lauren


Always Images Photography

For a boudoir photography experience that will not soon be forgotten once it is experienced, check out Always Images Photography, a photography studio based out of Louisville. Always Images Photography promises an experience that is classified as “fun” and “sexy” due to the nature of the photos taken during a boudoir photography shoot, allowing for women to access their inner goddesses through a series of guided poses and angles to highlight the very best features of the female body. Always Images Photography is a must-stop shop for boudoir photography services across Louisville and beyond.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-609-7781

Facebook: Always Images Photography

Instagram: Always Images Photography

Contact : Chanel Wells


Sydney Darwin Photography

Sydney Darwin Photography is a much-loved photography studio located in Louisville, a fantastic provider of boudoir photography shoots for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and walks of life. Sydney Darwin Photography can provide a variety of all-inclusive packages for boudoir sessions scheduled out of the studio, with such items in the packages including up to 50 edited images delivered in an online gallery for a seamless delivery process. Though images are edited, photoshop is never necessary due to the fact that Sydney wants to capture clients in a vulnerable and raw setting.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-381-0873

Facebook: Sydney Darwin Photography

Instagram: Sydney Darwin Photography

Contact : Sydney Darwin


Kesley’s Photography

Boudoir photography sessions are the name of the game with Keslsey’s Photography, a boudoir photography studio located in Louisville. Kelsey’s Photography is owned and operated by Kelsey Moorefield, an industry expert photographer with loads of experience in the field of boudoir photography. Boudoir packages with Kelsey’s Photography include a one-hour photography session with up to three outfits, 30 edited images of the client’s choosing for online delivery, posing assistance throughout the session, champagne to calm the nerves and lighten the spirits, and a print release of the photos.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 956-222-0405

Facebook: Kesley’s Photography

Instagram: Kesley’s Photography

Contact : kesley


Michelle Lynn Photography

Women looking for the perfect boudoir photography experience in and around Louisville will be thrilled to find out about Michelle Lynn Photography, an industry expert outlet when it comes to empowering boudoir sessions. Michelle Lynn Photography can provide all-inclusive packages for a seamless booking and purchasing process in advance of a photo shoot, with such items in the package including photography coverage throughout the session, hair and makeup styling, and print and physical art products available to be made out of the images provided in an online gallery for easy perusal.

Address: La Grange, KY

Phone: 502-657-8442

Facebook: Michelle Lynn Photography

Instagram: Michelle Lynn Photography

Contact : Michelle Lynn

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With all that said, we wish you lots of luck in the process of narrowing down your search for the perfect boudoir photographer in and around Louisville, Kentucky and beyond! With so many unbelievable photography studios staffed by photographers and stylists who understand all of the nuances and ins and outs of the boudoir photography experience, there’s no reason to delay in securing the services of one of these fantastic companies. We hope that you feel inspired to take on this new and awesome opportunity to frame your body in an entirely new light, and we wish you all of the best of luck with your upcoming booking and purchasing process!

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