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New Orleans, LA
Beausoleil Boudoir & Portrait

Beausoleil Boudoir & Portrait offers more than just boudoir photography – they provide a transformative experience curated around you. In the heart of New Orleans, Tina, the manager, creative director, and photographer, leads an award-winning team. From professional hair and makeup to wardrobe guidance, they ensure you feel your most amazing. David, the photographer and editor, discovered his talent for capturing sensuality, turning bashfulness into an art form. Max, another photographer and editor, brings a decade of experience, aiming to unveil your inner beauty, from glamorous to tastefully erotic. With a commitment to personalized sessions, Beausoleil Boudoir redefines boundaries, making them a standout choice for those seeking a unique and empowering boudoir experience in New Orleans.

Address: 127 Camp St suite 2nd floor, New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: 504-517-2722

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tina Rodosta

Isaac Fenter Photography

As a top-10 published boudoir and editorial photographer in New Orleans, LA, Isaac Fenter Photography embodies the essence of collaborative artistry. Specializing in unique looks, each session is a personalized masterpiece where the client’s touch and design take center stage. With an emphasis on creativity, Isaac Fenter ensures that no set is replicated. Beyond their amazing pricing, clients are treated to monthly mini deals, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience. For those seeking an individualized and creatively charged boudoir session, Isaac Fenter Photography in New Orleans emerges as a standout choice, promising an unparalleled blend of uniqueness and affordability.

Address: 3135 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117

Phone: 409-466-9175

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Isaac Fenter

Sidney Donaldson Photography

Distinguished by a profound commitment to building genuine connections, Sidney Donaldson Photography in New Orleans, LA, stands as a beacon in boudoir photography. Clients entrust Sidney with their most cherished moments, showcasing an unwavering belief in his ability to capture the essence of vulnerability. Specializing in boudoir, Sidney elevates trust to new heights, understanding the courage it takes to bare one’s soul in front of a lens. Clients seek him not just to create personalized gifts but to rediscover their intrinsic beauty. Sidney Donaldson Photography goes beyond capturing moments for partners; it’s about empowering women to recognize and embrace their own unique, breathtaking allure.

Address: 6916 Memphis St, New Orleans, LA 70124

Phone: 504-606-6644

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sidney Donaldson

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Baton Rouge, LA
Dangerously Delicate By Prince Photography

Meet the visionary behind Dangerously Delicate By Prince Photography—DJ, a passionate photographer originally from Oakland, CA, now capturing moments in Baton Rouge, LA. With roots traced back to his time at Southern University, DJ discovered his fervor for freezing the beauty of the human experience through photography. In 2011, Prince Photography emerged, specializing in weddings and boudoir. DJ believes in the symbiotic connection between sensuality and marital bliss. His accolades, including being featured in Daily Camera and winning AIBP Monthly Photography Contest, testify to his exceptional skills. Supported by his wife and fueled by a desire to unveil the beauty within, DJ awaits the privilege of capturing your special moments.

Address: 7809 Jefferson Hwy ste g-1, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: 510-220-5771

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Prince

Baton Rouge Boudoir

Baton Rouge Boudoir stands as a beacon of empowerment, offering a life-changing boudoir experience that transcends age, shape, and size. Recognizing the innate beauty of every woman, they prioritize self-care in a world often focused on others. Clients, ranging from mothers to professionals, are embraced at every point in their unique journey. Kim Ashford, the owner, encourages women to embrace their own kind of sexy, fostering confidence in their skin, appreciating their bodies, and celebrating milestones. With a promise of an unforgettable, pampering day at their private studio, Baton Rouge Boudoir invites you to indulge in feeling drop-dead gorgeous—because beauty knows no boundaries.

Address: 2931 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone: 225-266-3459

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kim Ashford

Jen Fox Boudoir & Erotica

With over 13 years of expertise, Jen Fox is celebrated as Louisiana and Virginia’s most experienced boudoir and erotic photographer. Rooted in fine art nude photography, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2011 and established her business shortly before graduating. Jen Fox’s work extends beyond capturing moments; it’s a transformative journey toward self-acceptance and body neutrality. Understanding the vulnerability of her clients, Jen prioritizes their comfort, ensuring nerves dissipate as the session unfolds. She believes in boudoir’s power to offer a fresh perspective, fostering liberation from self-doubt. Join Jen Fox on a unique photographic journey, where each image becomes a stepping stone towards body positivity and limitless self-discovery.

Address: Baton Rouge, LA

Phone: 434-253-5167

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jen Fox

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Lafayette, LA
Ahnvee Photography

Passionate about celebrating individual beauty, Ahnvee Photography crafts unforgettable boudoir experiences in Lafayette, Louisiana. Led by Chief Creative Officer Tiffany Lemoine, their team takes pride in understanding each client’s unique vision. With a focus on creativity and genuine emotion, they ensure every image reflects personality and style. From the moment you step into their studio, expect a stress-free, personalized session characterized by fun and positive energy. Ahnvee Photography’s commitment to quality and attention to detail guarantees dynamic images that tell your story. Whether you’re a seasoned model or new to boudoir, let Ahnvee Photography transform your memories into affordable art.

Address: Lafayette, LA

Phone: 337-541-1601

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tiffany

A. Dannette Boudoir

Step into a realm where photography becomes a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment at A. Dannette Boudoir. Since 2011, they’ve been on a mission to capture not just images, but profound transformations. Beyond the surface, they delve deep into the emotions, crafting an experience that can be truly life-changing. Specializing in photographing women, each session is a journey towards self-discovery and acceptance. With A. Dannette Boudoir, expect more than just a photo shoot – anticipate a transformative experience that celebrates your unique beauty and inner strength. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment, A. Dannette Boudoir awaits in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Address: Lafayette, LA

Phone: 337-329-8071

Social: Instagram

Contact : April Courville

Pretty Is By Amy Peacock

In the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana, Pretty Is By Amy Peacock stands out as a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. Led by Amy, alongside Christy and Christian, their all-female team brings a wealth of experience and talent to the boudoir photography scene. Internationally published and award-winning, they are true masters of their craft, dedicated to showcasing the true essence of their clients. Pretty It believes that beauty lies in being your authentic self, and their mission is to reveal the unique beauty within each individual. If you’re searching for a boudoir experience that celebrates who you truly are, look no further than Pretty Is By Amy Peacock.

Address: Lafayette, LA

Phone: 337-344-9606

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Amy

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