Shayna Hardy Photography

Shayna Hardy Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography companies to be found in the greater metropolitan area of Baltimore and beyond, a perfect resource for local women hoping to capture themselves in an intimate boudoir setting. Shayna Hardy Photography offers all-inclusive packages with services available including a pre-session consultation to establish a mutual language for the upcoming pto session, hair and makeup services provided by amazing on-site artists, the photo filled with pose guidance and encouragement, an ordering session to pick the very best photos, and the delivery and installation of any specific wall art items that are purchased.

Address: Baltimore, MD

Phone: 443-686-9569

Facebook: Shayna Hardy Photography

Instagram: Shayna Hardy Photography

Contact : Shayna Hardy


Rock Carter Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography experiences, Rock Carter Photography can facilitate some of the most empowering and amazing photography shoots in and around Baltimore. Rock Carter Photography offers professional makeup and lashes by an on-site artist as well as hair styling to make women look as beautiful and radiant as possible before they end up in front of the camera for their boudoir photography experience. When working with Rock Carter Photography, women are guaranteed to receive a pre-shoot consultation to discuss ideas for wardrobe, posing and modeling coaching throughout the session, unlimited shots and poses, a private ordering and photo reveal session within two weeks of the session, and professional editing and retouching of all mages. 

Address: 4401 Eastern Ave 45 5i, Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: 410-999-6212

Facebook: Rock Carter Photography

Instagram: Rock Carter Photography

Contact : Rock Carter


Bmore Boudoir

For a boudoir photography outlet that can offer a vast array of services for women looking to capture themselves in a sensual and natural setting, Bmore Boudoir is a fantastic Baltimore-based choice. Bmore Boudoir offers a process that begins with initial contact and a short phone consultation to establish the guidelines, the scheduling of a photo shoot, and the hair and makeup services right before the session; then, the session is facilitated using a collection of lingerie from the client closet or the client’s own clothing, and then an in-person photo reveal and ordering session is hosted.

Address: Monkton, MD 21111

Instagram: Bmore Boudoir

Contact : Anne & Ashley


Lisa Robin Photography

Lisa Robin Photography is a much-loved boudoir photography company based out of Baltimore, a great resource for women planning their upcoming boudoir shoots. Lisa Robin Photography can offer both mini sessions and regular sessions in a boudoir setting, with items offered including edited high resolution images resulting from the shoot, print art items for hanging and installation, digital download in an online gallery, multiple outfit choices picked out from the client themselves or out of the available client wardrobe, and other such items. Lisa Robin Photography has a storied reputation in the Baltimore area for excellent boudoir photography services, making it a great choice of studio.

Address: 12 Galloway Ave #3d, Cockeysville, MD 21030

Phone: 410-262-0785

Facebook: Lisa Robin Photography

Instagram: Lisa Robin Photography

Contact : Lisa Robin


Barry Freeman Photography

Barry Freeman Photography is a Baltimore-based boudoir photographer with tons of experience when it comes to the craft of boudoir shoots that embrace the aspects of womanhood that involve intimacy, sensuality, body positivity, and empowerment. Barry Freeman Photography offers a wide-ranging set of skills and crafts, including boudoir shoots that are accompanied by the high fashion instincts of professional photographer Barry Freeman himself. With a history of working with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Barry Freeman Photography is a fantastic choice of boudoir photographer in and around Baltimore.

Address: 208 S Pulaski St, Baltimore, MD 21223

Phone: 410-630-6941

Facebook: Barry Freeman Photography

Instagram: Barry Freeman Photography

Contact : Barry Freeman


The Confidence Sessions

Look no further than The Confidence Sessions for a boudoir experience that is exactly as the name of this photography outlet would imply: a confidence-boosting experience allowing for self-love and self reflection throughout the photography time. The Confidence Sessions can create boudoir photography experiences for which women do not need to lose any weight or change their appearance in any way, though there is an option for hair and makeup styling to brighten and highlight the very best existing features of a woman’s physical form. After the session, photos can be delivered through an easily-accessible online gallery.

Address: Baltimore, MD

Phone: 410-718-9699

Contact : Ruthie


Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography

Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography is one of the premier boudoir photography studios located in Baltimore, providing local women with a memorable opportunity for photography services in an exposed and intimate setting. Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography can provide women with a modern, luxurious boudoir experience that begins with a booking and styling consultation, continues with hair and makeup services from an on-site artist and the session itself with posing guidance included, and ends with the viewing and ordering session in person, during which clients can pick out their favorite images for purchase.

Address: 66 East Main Street Suite 101, Westminster, MD 21157

Phone: 410-935-9426

Facebook: Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography

Instagram: Velvet & Suede Boudoir Photography

Contact : Karen Rainier


Boudoir by Veronica

Women in the greater metropolitan area of Baltimore and beyond should look to Boudoir by Veronica for a boudoir photography shoot that is accomplished with a high standard of excellence from start to finish of the photography process. Boudoir by Veronica offers easy-to-book sessions that include a preparation guide to get ready for the upcoming shoot, a pre-session wardrobe consultation, professional makeup styling, 90 minutes of photography time in the boudoir setting, three distinct outfits, an in-person image reveal and ordering session, and, of course, all of the lingering good feelings that will come from the boudoir shoot with this luxurious Baltimore-based studio.

Address: Annapolis, MD

Phone: 240-838-4350

Instagram: Boudoir by Veronica

Contact : Veronica Campbell

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With all that said, we wish you lots of luck in the process of narrowing down your search for the perfect boudoir photographer in and around Baltimore, Maryland and beyond! Nothing can match a boudoir session that inspires confidence, self-love, reflection, introspection, and, above all else, love. If you’re looking for a boudoir session booked in the area of Baltimore, Maryland and beyond, simply check out our list for the very best companies to be found and see if they have any upcoming availability in your approximate time frame. All of these studios can give you a guaranteed high quality product, so we recommend that you consult with a few and see if they can meet your exact needs. With all of that said, we wish you the very best of luck with your upcoming boudoir photography experience! 

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