Grace in Lace Boudoir

Grace in Lace Boudoir is one of the most widely celebrated and beloved boudoir photography studios in the greater area of Las Vegas and beyond, a valuable service provider for women looking to explore their intimate and vulnerable side through a series of amorous photographs. Grace in Lace Boudoir can provide a gorgeous wardrobe full of potential outfits for a client to wear during the photo shoot. Staffed by Terri Zachea, a professional photographer with tons of experience in the field of boudoir photography, Grace in Lace Boudoir is a choice of boudoir photography studio with which clients simply cannot go wrong.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-523-4379

Facebook: Grace in Lace Boudoir

Instagram: Grace in Lace Boudoir

Contact : Terri Zachea


Mia Portrait Studio

Look no further than Mia Portrait Studio for a boudoir photography experience that will challenge, defy, and surpass any and all expectations, a perfect amenity for Las Vegas-based women looking to try something new. Mia Portrait Studio offers use of the private studio location for boudoir photo shoots, keeping things private and personal for an experience that is purely for the woman at the center of it all. Owned and operated by professional photographer Natalie, Mia Portrait Studio is a widely trusted and highly rated boudoir photography studio in the area of Las Vegas.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-626-0280

Facebook: Mia Portrait Studio

Instagram: Mia Portrait Studio

Contact : Natalie Vasquez


The Boudoir Cafe Photography

The Boudoir Cafe Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios in the greater area of Las Vegas and beyond, an ideal choice of studio for women in the market for a memorable boudoir experience with a tried and true expert behind the camera. The Boudoir Cafe Photography offers 20 years of practical industry experience in the field of boudoir photography, ensuring that the exploration through poses and angles during a boudoir photo session can be prompted and led by an expert who can keep the subject comfortable and at ease at all times throughout the session.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 725-777-3600

Facebook: The Boudoir Cafe Photography

Instagram: The Boudoir Cafe Photography

Contact : Cherie & Hedley


Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

For a boudoir photography experience that checks off all of the boxes that a woman could hope for, check out Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir, one of the local favorites when it comes to excellent photography services. Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir can accommodate glamorous photographic experiences, combining the elements of luxury and elegance into the act of boudoir photo shoots for a taste of celebratory glitz and glamour. The expert photographers on staff at Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir can ensure that the photo sessions will be full of laughs and smiles, keeping women comfortable and at ease throughout the shoots so that the resulting photographs will be natural and organic.

Address: 3430 E Tropicana Ave #57, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Phone: 702-714-0469

Facebook: Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

Instagram: Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

Contact : Bryan Kurz


Intimates by Karina

When working with Intimates by Karina, local women based out of Las Vegas can trust that they’re employing the resources of one of the very best boudoir photography studios to be found in and around the local area. Intimates by Karina is owned and operated by professional photographer and industry expert Karina herself, who can provide each client with a preparation guide that outlines the experience as well as the steps that a woman can take to make the session work best for herself. Sessions last about ninety minutes, with a hair and makeup artist to style and primp in advance of the photography time.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-979-4847

Facebook: Intimates by Karina

Instagram: Intimates by Karina

Contact : Karina


T Marie Creative Co

Working with clients of all walks of life, T Marie Creative Co is an excellent choice of Las Vegas boudoir photography studio, with a track record of excellence and a high standard of quality that emanates throughout the entire institution. T Marie Creative Co offers all-inclusive boudoir photography packages, with services available including the photographic coverage throughout the photo shoot and then the retouching and editing process, all of which will resulting in a series of incredibly gorgeous photos that can be framed in a photo album that will last for years to come or delivered digitally in an online gallery for easy perusal.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-690-9483

Facebook: T Marie Creative Co

Instagram: T Marie Creative Co

Contact : Tanya M Elyacoubi


Light Images

Light Images is an incredible boudoir photography outlet based out of Las Vegas, a fantastic amenity for local women looking for an unforgettable boudoir experience. Light Images is a boudoir photography company run by professional photographer Susan Gomez, who brings 25 years of practical industry experience to the table for clients planning their upcoming boudoir photo shoots. Susan’s professional photography services can be easily booked for a boudoir session that is catered to the whims of the client, no matter how they want to dress and pose for their time in front of the camera. With thousands of shoots under her belt, Susan with Light Images is an absolute must-stop.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-379-7874

Facebook: Light Images

Instagram: Light Images

Contact : Susan Gomez


Sin City Boudoir

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-518-1843

Profile: Sin City Boudoir

Instagram: Sin City Boudoir

Contact : Michael Jones

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Now that you have finished reading through our list of the top 8 boudoir photography studios in and around the greater metropolitan area of Las Vegas, Nevada and beyond, we hope that you have a better sense of the kinds of studios you should be looking at for your upcoming photography shoot. 

With all that said, we wish you lots of luck in the process of narrowing down your search for the perfect boudoir photographer in and around Las Vegas, Nevada and beyond! 

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