Lauren Cherie Photography

Look no further than Lauren Cherie Photography for a boudoir photography outlet that can highlight the best and most beautiful features of any woman, no matter her age, size, or shape. Lauren Cherie makes everything easy for the women with whom she works, right down to the selection process, with all-inclusive packages available for purchase. Items in the packages include up to one hours of photography coverage in an indoor studio, professional hair and makeup services included, high resolution digital images for download, and a photo book of the images.

Address: Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 505-903-2195

Facebook: Lauren Cherie Photography

Instagram: Lauren Cherie Photography

Contact : Lauren Cherie


Karlie Fox Photography

Karlie Fox Photography is a highly skilled provider of boudoir photography services, a great choice for Albuquerque-based women looking to schedule a sensual shoot. Karlie Fox Photography offers a process that includes the planning and preparation process in advance of the session, digital download images in an online gallery, unlimited guests invited to the shoot, and a turnaround window of two to three weeks. Karlie Fox Photography can also provide shoots for more than one person, with additional styles including maternity, wedding, engagement, and family.

Address: Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 505-985-3962

Facebook: Karlie Fox Photography

Instagram: Karlie Fox Photography

Contact : Karlie


Bryan's Photography

For a boudoir photography studio that can check all of the boxes that an Albuquerque-based client could have, check out Bryan’s Photography. Bryan’s Photography is a professional and high quality source of photography services, with an affordable rate that makes the services at this studio available to clients of all walks of life. Women of all shapes, sizes, and body types are welcome to participate in boudoir photo shoots with Bryan’s Photography, where the “contemporary,” “clean,” and “bold” style takes charge and provides women with a memorable opportunity to capture themselves in a sensual setting.

Address: 10923 Pasquale Dr NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Phone: 505-890-0179

Instagram: Bryan's Photography

Contact : Bryan Spurlock


Shot by Delina

One of Albuquerque’s finest boudoir photography studios, Shot by Delina can provide local women with a memorable and intimate experience through a boudoir photo shoot. Shot by Delina can offer an easy booking process that begins with a simple email, and additional services provided include maternity shoots, couples, small weddings and elopements, and modeling portraits. Shot by Delina has a track record of complete excellence among previous clients, with testimonials available to confirm the consensus.

Address: Albuquerque, NM

Facebook: Shot by Delina

Instagram: Shot by Delina

Contact : Delina


Lacey Sexson Photography

Lacey Sexson Photography is a much loved Albuquerque-based boudoir photography studio with Lacey owning and operating the business. Lacey Sexson is a talented photographer with a variety of interests and abilities, including wedding photography, portraits, maternity shoots, and everything in between, but her boudoir services are especially glamorous. To Lacey, boudoir photo shoots are an opportunity for women to feel empowered and to give them a platform to express their inner light. When working with Lacey, sensual and confidence-boosting photos are a guarantee. 

Address: Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 505-206-0380

Profile: Lacey Sexson Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Lacey Sexson Photography

Facebook: Lacey Sexson Photography

Instagram: Lacey Sexson Photography

Contact : Lacey


Ell Photography

Few boudoir photography outlets in and around Albuquerque can rival the fabulous services on offer when working with Ell Photography. Ell Photography can host boudoir photography shoots in either a solo session or with multiple people at the same time. Boudoir photo shoots can be scheduled no matter the age, size, and body type of the woman in front of the camera, and women can be in any state of dress during the photo shoot. Ell Photography offers an initial consultation to establish boundaries and desires, ensuring that the client is maximally comfortable and safe throughout the intimate session.

Address: Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 505-933-5585

Facebook: Ell Photography

Contact : Kira Ell J.


Simply Eve Boudoir

Address: Albuquerque, NM

Facebook: Simply Eve Boudoir

Instagram: Simply Eve Boudoir

Contact : Evangaline

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Now that you’ve checked out our list of the top boudoir photography outlets to be found across Albuquerque and beyond, we hope that you feel a little better informed to make your decision about your favorite boudoir photography studio. We recommend that if you have any strong feelings about any of the ten studios on your list, simply go ahead and make the booking now. The most important thing is that you feel absolutely comfortable with your boudoir photographer, since you’ll be revealing yourself in some state of nudity. Aside from that, we’re sure that the process of booking a session with your favorite local boudoir studio should be a breeze! 

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