Chris Connelly Photography

Chris Connelly Photography, nestled in Upstate, NY, emerges as a beacon of body positivity through intimate portraiture. Embracing diversity, they shatter stereotypes—no dress size or height defines your allure. Chris Connelly, the visionary behind the lens, possesses a unique superpower: unlocking self-love in every frame. With a mantra of “Be you. For you. Do you. Your Way!” they reassure that sexy knows no age and experience is not a prerequisite. This Albany-based team thrives on infusing positivity into a world often clouded by self-doubt. Recognized as Albany’s #1 Boudoir Photographer, they blend passion and skill to unveil the beauty within, making your journey towards self-discovery truly remarkable.

Address: Albany, NY

Phone: 518-321-4725

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Chris Connelly

Lana Ortiz Photography

Discover the allure of intimate portraiture with Lana Ortiz Photography, a distinguished boutique studio in Upstate, NY. Owned and operated by Lana Ortiz, a passionate photographic artist, the studio offers a unique blend of style, quality, and personalized service. Lana understands that a portrait experience is intimate, whether it’s family portraiture, glamor, or boudoir photography. With a commitment to professionalism and personability, Lana crafts each session to reflect your individual style, ensuring a comfortable and tailored experience. From thoughtful consultations to expertly scouted locations, Lana Ortiz Photography is dedicated to creating unique, timeless images that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. Immerse yourself in a world where your story unfolds through Lana’s artistry.

Address: Watervliet, NY

Phone: 518-253-5056

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lana Ortiz

Boudoir by Kendall

Meet Josh, the creative force behind Boudoir by Kendall, a leading boudoir photography studio in the Capital Region of New York. With a genuine passion for showcasing the inherent beauty and worthiness of every woman, Josh specializes in capturing the essence of his clients, regardless of age, size, or life stage. In his lens, nervousness transforms into confidence, self-doubt fades away, and every woman discovers her inherent gorgeousness and power. Josh’s commitment to revealing the authentic beauty of each individual makes Boudoir by Kendall a fulfilling and empowering experience. Allow yourself the gift of self-love and confidence, because, with Josh, you are 100% worth it.

Address: Troy, NY

Phone: 518-496-4473

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Joshua Kendall

ElleSimm Photography

Step into the enchanting realm of ElleSimm Photography, where Lisa Simmons, a seasoned photographer, transforms moments into empowering art. Based in the heart of Upstate, NY, Lisa’s studio specializes in boudoir and intimate portraiture, celebrating the diversity of beauty. ElleSimm Photography transcends conventional standards, offering a personalized experience akin to old Hollywood glamor. Lisa’s unique background in motorsports photography adds a touch of dynamism to her work, capturing not just images but the essence of confidence and sensuality. Whether in-studio or on location, Lisa’s expertise, coupled with a curated selection of couture gowns, ensures a session that mirrors your dreams. ElleSimm Photography is more than photography; it’s a journey to rediscover and embrace the allure of your authentic self.

Address: Ballston Lake, NY

Phone: 518-222-2111

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lisa Simmons

Rainbow Boudoir

Experience the art of self-celebration at Rainbow Boudoir, the premier Kink and LGBTQ-friendly photography studio in Upstate, NY. Specializing in capturing the diverse beauty of transgender, masculine, feminine, non-binary, genderfluid, and cis individuals, Rainbow Boudoir invites you to see yourself through their lens. Embrace your authentic self in a safe and inclusive space where every expression of beauty is honored. Whether you identify as LGBTQ or seek a photography experience that embraces all facets of your identity, Rainbow Boudoir is committed to creating empowering and stunning images that reflect the unique essence of who you are. Choose Rainbow Boudoir for a boudoir photography session that celebrates the colorful spectrum of beauty and individuality.

Address: Lockport, NY

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Rainbow Boudoir Team

Alex Z Photography

In the captivating world of boudoir photography in Upstate, NY, Alex Z Photography stands out as a beacon of empowerment and self-celebration. Led by the passionate artist, Alex, this studio specializes in Empowered Boudoir and Intimate Couples photography. Serving as your #1 hype woman, confidant, and photographer, Alex is dedicated to showcasing the unique beauty of every individual. With a focus on fostering self-love, each session leaves clients feeling empowered, confident, and undeniably sexy. Beyond mere photographs, Alex Z Photography offers an experience that captures your worthiness and inner magic. Choose Alex Z Photography for a transformative journey toward self-love and a collection of images that reflect your authentic, badass self.

Address: Buffalo, NY

Phone: 716-356-4665

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Alex

The Photography Experience

Elevate your self-love journey with The Photography Experience in Upstate, NY. Celebrating the human body as a canvas of life’s stories—full of curves, markings, wrinkles, and scars—this studio empowers you to embrace and fall back in love with your unique beauty. Beyond traditional boudoir photography, it becomes a powerful tool to challenge societal expectations and break free from imposed ideals of the “perfect” body. The Photography Experience stands as a tribute to the battles won and the warrior within. Choose this studio for a transformative boudoir photography session that redefines beauty, honors resilience, and encourages self-love, making it an exceptional choice in Upstate, NY.

Address: Rochester, NY

Phone: 585-432-0403

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jolana

Bomshell Experience

Capturing the essence of feminine empowerment, Bomshell Experience, led by Caity and her all-female team, has been a beacon of beauty and confidence in Upstate, NY for nearly a decade. Specializing in boudoir photography, they create a unique and empowering experience that taps into the raw beauty within every woman. The Bomshell team understands the transformative power of their sessions, where fear dissipates, and the real, powerful, and beautiful feminine side emerges. This isn’t just about capturing images; it’s about empowering yourself, embracing your boldness, and leaving the session feeling like the goddess you truly are. Choose Bomshell Experience for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Address: Syracuse, NY

Phone: 833-300-0266

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Caity Bom

Shadow Goddess Studio

Enter the enchanting world of Shadow Goddess Studio, where Shayna, the visionary creatrix with the camera, celebrates the profound connections with women in Upstate, NY. Shayna, a photographer, mother, sister, and lover, weaves a web of community filled with healing, love, and empowerment. Through her lens, Shayna reflects your strength, beauty, and grace, inviting you to embrace your whole self with love and courage. Shadow Goddess Studio offers a transformative boudoir experience, capturing your unique power and sensuality. Shayna artfully brings together your shadow and light, creating captivating and inspiring images. Worthiness is at the heart of Shadow Goddess Studio, as Shayna guides you to discover the goddess within, showering her in love through the lens of empowering photography.

Address: Saratoga Springs, NY

Phone: 518-409-6924

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Shayna

Boudoir Studios New York

Captivate your confidence and embrace your journey with Boudoir Studios New York, an empowering heaven led by Asif, Nicki Ali, and photographer Andrea. With a decade of experience, this dynamic team transforms boudoir photography into a personalized experience, fostering trust and creativity. Asif and Andrea, not just skilled photographers but also empowering coaches, create a safe, comfortable space for your session. Beyond capturing images, they aim to redefine self-perception and highlight your unique power and sensuality. Celebrate your journey, embrace your worth, and unveil the bold, confident you through the lens of Boudoir Studios New York.

Address: Fairport, NY

Phone: 585-402-3821

Social: Instagram

Contact : Asif & Nicki Ali

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The search for the ideal boudoir photographer in Upstate, NY, unveils a world where the celebration of unique beauty takes center stage. As you embark on this quest for the perfect artist, envision a professional who not only captures images but understands the delicate art of revealing your essence. This journey is a testament to the significance of finding a photographer who can translate your confidence and individuality into timeless images that exude sensuality. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned model or a first-time muse, the selection of the right photographer is a personal journey that demands attention to detail. Our guide introduces you to the top boudoir photographers in Upstate, NY, each offering a distinct approach to ensure you feel not only comfortable but empowered and absolutely stunning. Embrace the allure of boudoir photography and let these skilled professionals turn your moments into captivating visual stories, celebrating your unique beauty in the enchanting landscapes of Upstate, NY.

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