Bare Studio Portraits

Immerse yourself in the ultimate “Bad and Boujie Experience” with Bare Studio Portraits, a leading boudoir photography haven in Greensboro, NC. This isn’t just a photoshoot – it’s a transformative journey into self-love and empowerment. Led by the spirited Bree, a North Carolina Boudoir Photographer, the studio provides a secure space for women to embrace their beauty, regardless of age, shape, or imperfections. Bree’s infectious humor and unfiltered approach create an atmosphere of laughter and confidence, ensuring you rediscover your bold and sexy self. Let Bare Studio Portraits guide you through a session that celebrates your individuality and leaves you with stunning, empowering art to cherish.

Address: 2216 W Meadowview Rd Suite 106, Greensboro, NC 27407

Phone: 336-404-0955

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Bree

Velvet & Vine Boudoir

Meet Ashley, the visionary behind Velvet & Vine Boudoir in Greensboro, NC, where every woman is invited to experience the transformative empowerment of a boudoir photoshoot. With 15 years in the beauty industry and a photography degree, Ashley specializes in unveiling the unique beauty within. As a former ballet enthusiast, she empathizes with the body image challenges women often face. Through boudoir, Ashley crafts an uplifting journey, helping clients see their allure and fostering confidence. Her expertise as a hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer converges to create a safe, empowering space. Choose Velvet & Vine Boudoir for a session that goes beyond capturing beauty; it celebrates self-love and confidence.

Address: High Point, NC

Phone: 336-638-1644

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ashley


Discover the enchanting world of boudoir photography with Simply-Boudoir, where Stacey, the genuine and passionate owner, has dedicated over 12 years to capturing the unique beauty of women. Nestled in a chic vintage boho loft studio, Stacey’s goal is simple yet powerful: to empower and encourage women to embrace themselves as they are. Having photographed over 500 women, she brings a personalized touch to every session, creating a customized experience that tells each client’s unique story. As a natural introvert, Stacey comes alive within her studio walls, elevating everyday women to see their beauty in a sensual yet playful light. Choose Simply-Boudoir for an intimate and empowering photographic journey.

Address: Kernersville, NC

Phone: 336-701-2094

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Stacey

Liz Grogan Photography

Experience the artistry of boudoir photography with Liz Grogan Photography, helmed by the talented Liz Grogan-Owen. As a seasoned North Carolina wedding and portrait photographer based in Greensboro since 2007, Liz brings a unique blend of professionalism and personal charm to every session. Beyond her lens, she’s a recent bride and devoted pet parent, with a soft spot for crime shows and all things nerdy. Liz’s belief in capturing fleeting moments and chasing the perfect light ensures your boudoir session becomes a timeless memory. With Liz Grogan Photography, indulge in a personalized, creative, and expertly illuminated celebration of your unique beauty.

Address: 507 North Church Street, Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: 336-706-2662

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Liz Grogan

Beauty by The Nixons

Justin and Beth, the dynamic duo behind Beauty by The Nixons, invite you to a transformative boudoir experience in Greensboro, NC. With a passion for capturing the essence of true beauty, they specialize in creating unapologetic, empowering, and magical moments through their lens. Celebrating over two decades of marriage and a beautiful family, Justin and Beth extend their warmth and creativity to every intimate photoshoot. Beyond photography, they cherish family, board games, summer afternoons, and travel adventures. Your boudoir session with Beauty by The Nixons promises not just captivating images but an enduring boost of self-confidence, ensuring you leave with memories that resonate long after the shutter clicks.

Address: 1175 Revolution Mill Dr Suite 21, Greensboro, NC 27405

Phone: 336-303-1714

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Justin Nixon

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As you navigate through the enchanting world of boudoir photography in Greensboro, NC, remember that each artist possesses a distinctive flair for capturing your beauty in its purest form. Whether you’re seeking a sultry ambiance or a whimsical allure, these photographers stand ready to encapsulate your essence. The journey to self-love is a personal one, and these professionals are dedicated to making it extraordinary for you. So, embrace the power of visual storytelling and the artistry that these boudoir photographers bring to each frame. Your story, your beauty, and your confidence are worth every captured moment. Trust in the talent that Greensboro offers, and let your unique radiance shine through the lens of these exceptional boudoir artists.

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