Amber Fino Photography

Amber Fino, the creative force behind Amber Fino Photography, brings a refreshing approach to boudoir photography in Spokane, Washington. As an ‘elder’ millennial, she intimately understands the impact of societal expectations on body image. Amber’s journey from self-doubt to self-love sparked the inception of her empowering portraiture studio. Through her lens, she aims to shift mindsets, fostering confidence and self-acceptance. Having personally experienced the healing power of boudoir, Amber is dedicated to providing an inclusive space where every woman can embark on a transformative journey to embrace her true self. Join Amber and her talented team for an experience that goes beyond photographs, celebrating the beauty in every individual.

Address: Spokane, WA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Amber

With Love, Heather

Meet Heather Biggs, the visionary photographer behind With Love, Heather, specializing in candid and heartfelt photography experiences in Spokane, WA. Heather’s candid style ensures that your moments are captured authentically, portraying genuine joy and connection. As a maternity, children, and family photographer, she believes in letting kids be little, creating sessions that are both enjoyable and meaningful. Heather’s personal journey, including unexpected motherhood, has instilled in her a deep appreciation for life’s fleeting moments. With Love, Heather offers a unique blend of authenticity and artistry, providing a chance to preserve cherished memories with your loved ones for a lifetime. Explore, play, and let Heather guide you to capture stunning portraits that tell your family’s unique story.

Address: 201 W Riverside Ave #301, Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: 509-496-7066

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Heather

Crystal Madsen Photography

Renowned in Spokane, WA, Crystal Madsen infuses her photography with an unwavering passion. From a young age, the allure of the shutter’s click captivated her, evolving into a journey that marries creativity and connection. Crystal, one of Spokane’s premier boudoir photographers, intertwines fine art with authenticity. Beyond her local acclaim, she embraces global perspectives, specializing in dynamic wedding captures, spirited high school senior portraits, and heartwarming family photos. Crystal’s commitment extends to inspiring others, sharing knowledge, and fostering growth in the realm of photography. Discover a photographer whose lens not only captures images but also crafts stories that resonate with individuality and uniqueness.

Address: 114 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: 509-499-1090

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Crystal Madsen

Black Label Boudoir

Unleash the power within – that’s the ethos at Black Label Boudoir, a Spokane-based sanctuary for self-love and empowerment. Led by Brittney Gossmeyer, a survivor turned advocate, this team goes beyond capturing stunning images; they curate transformative experiences. Specializing in boudoir photography, they guide every woman to embrace her unique beauty. Brittney’s personal journey fuels her mission, while Jessica, a client turned friend, adds a touch of hype and understanding to each session. With Lindsay’s top-notch hair and makeup skills, the team crafts a safe space for vulnerability and empowerment. Black Label Boudoir invites you to discover the life-changing impact of self-discovery and love, creating a haven where you can blow your own damn mind!

Address: Spokane, WA

Phone: 619-820-4007

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Brittney

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In concluding your search for the perfect boudoir photographer in Spokane, immerse yourself in the world where artistry meets intimate portraiture. Each photographer showcased in this collection brings a unique perspective, ensuring your moments are not just captured but elevated to timeless art. As you reflect on these creative individuals, recognize the beauty of Spokane’s boudoir photography – a celebration of your journey to self-love. These artists go beyond mere documentation; they invite you to embrace your individuality and revel in the experience of self-celebration. So, whether you’re seeking sultry, glamorous, or empowering boudoir sessions, Spokane’s top photographers are ready to turn your moments into a visual symphony of your unique essence.

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