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Milwaukee, WI
Studio M Boudoir Photography

Studio M Boudoir Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography companies to be found across Milwaukee and beyond. A source of incredible photos that reveal women in a state of seduction and beauty, Studio M Boudoir Photography is a boutique photography outlet catering to women in the local area of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Phone consultations can be scheduled in advance of booking a session to ensure that the photographer at the head of this studio can provide an experience that is in line with exact client specifications and expectations.

Address: 714 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Phone: 414-467-8338

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Melissa

Laura Lynne Boudoir

Nothing can match the incredible services provided by Laura Lynne Boudoir, a boudoir photography company located in Milwaukee. Laura Lynne Boudoir is owned and operated by professional photographer Laura, who can provide an experience with several components including professional hair and makeup styling with lashes provided, coaching on poses throughout the boudoir session, online outfit consultation and advice in advance of the session, and a same-day image viewing and product ordering session with which clients won’t have to even wait to see their beautiful photos.

Address: 2625 S Greeley St, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Phone: 414-902-0968

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Laura Lynne

Erika Marie Studio

Erika Marie Studio is an incredible source of boudoir photography services for women, femmes, and people of all ages, body types, and life experiences in and around Milwaukee. Erika Marie Studio can provide sessions that last up to 1.5 hours in a natural light studio in the city. These sessions can include such bespoke services as makeup application and dry hair styling, wardrobe changes throughout the session, an assistant to coach clients through a series of intimate poses, and a private viewing to look at the 75 edited images after the session.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: 630-881-8426

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Erika Marie

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Madison, WI
Azena Photography

Hillary Schave, owner and photographer of Azena Photography in Madison, WI, infuses her passion into every click of the camera. Specializing in boudoir and professional headshots, Hillary’s expertise shines through her work, capturing the essence of confidence and beauty in her clients. With over a decade of experience contributing to local magazines, her artistry is deeply rooted in storytelling. Hillary’s collaboration with associate photographer Heidi Johnson brings over 15 years of seamless teamwork to the studio. Their shared vision and complementary styles ensure a personalized and empowering experience for every client. Choose Azena Photography for a transformative journey of self-expression and empowerment through stunning imagery.

Address: Madison, WI

Phone: 608-245-2797

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Hillary Schave

Mizztique Boudoir

Uplifting and celebrating women of all shapes, ages, and sizes, Mizztique Boudoir is a body-positive photography studio in Madison, WI. With a mission to help women see themselves as works of art, Mizztique Boudoir, led by the passionate photographer behind the lens, offers a transformative experience. As the owner and operator, Mizztique Boudoir’s photographer guides clients through every step, from wardrobe selection to posing, ensuring a comfortable and empowering session. With a focus on self-love and confidence, Mizztique Boudoir invites women to seduce themselves and embrace their unique beauty. Choose Mizztique Boudoir for a boudoir experience that celebrates you just as you are.

Address: Madison, WI

Phone: 608-571-7343

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Melonie Wright

Maureen Cassidy Photography

Maureen Cassidy Photography in Madison, WI, specializes in boudoir sessions tailored for everybody. With a focus on empowering bad-ass babes, Maureen welcomes self-identified femmes and non-binary individuals with care and respect. As a seasoned professional photographer with over a decade of experience, Maureen’s goal is to provide an unforgettable experience where clients feel comfortable, proud, and sexy. With a passion for uplifting and empowering women, Maureen guarantees that you’ll love your photos. Choose Maureen Cassidy Photography for a boudoir experience that celebrates your unique beauty and leaves you feeling empowered and confident.

Address: Madison, WI

Phone: 608-358-2871

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Maureen

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Green Bay, WI
Studio NÜDE Boudoir

Discover Studio NÜDE Boudoir, a haven in Green Bay, WI, where boudoir becomes therapy. Through intimate experiences, they empower women to embrace their bodies and rediscover self-love. Their approach goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on healing and confidence-building. Many women struggle with self-doubt and insecurity, unaware of their inherent worthiness. Studio NÜDE offers a path to liberation, encouraging clients to love themselves and reclaim pleasure. With a commitment to fostering positive relationships with one’s body, they provide tools for continued growth and acceptance. Join them on a journey towards confidence, celebrating your true essence in every shot. Choose Studio NÜDE Boudoir for a transformative boudoir experience.

Address: Green Bay, WI

Phone: 920-944-3946

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Studio NÜDE Boudoir Team

Allure Boudoir by Camille

Step into empowerment with Allure Boudoir by Camille, a sanctuary in Green Bay, WI, dedicated to celebrating individual beauty. Camille understands the struggle of self-acceptance firsthand, making her studio a safe space for all. Rejecting society’s unrealistic standards, she embraces uniqueness, fostering a journey of self-love and body appreciation. As a photographer who has battled body image issues, Camille empathizes with her clients, guiding them towards newfound confidence. Allure Boudoir isn’t just about capturing stunning images; it’s about rewriting self-narratives and embracing authenticity. Let Camille be your mirror of true reflection, guiding you towards a deeper love for yourself. Choose Allure Boudoir for an empowering boudoir experience.

Address: Green Bay, WI

Phone: 920-680-1626

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Camille

Kristin Reuter Photography

Embrace your beauty with Kristin Reuter Photography, a premier choice for boudoir sessions in Green Bay, WI. Kristin believes every woman is inherently stunning and aims to empower clients through her lens. With a focus on comfort and fun, she crafts personalized sessions that highlight your unique strengths and beauty. From start to finish, the experience revolves around you, ensuring images that reflect your true essence. Kristin views boudoir as an investment in self-love, delivering timeless images that celebrate your power and beauty. Trust Kristin Reuter Photography to capture the essence of your strength and beauty, creating cherished memories for a lifetime.

Address: Green Bay, WI

Phone: 920-309-6669

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kristin Reuter

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