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10 Questions with Lacey Sexson

1. Introduction: What's your story?

HI there, I am Lacey Sexson

I’m Passionate. Strong. Some have said, “Spicy,” and my own version of Feminine. I am a work in progress and my 46 years have served me well in both the good times and bad. I believe strongly in the power of Sisterhood, supporting one another, solidarity. The significance of emotional and genuine connections is truly what makes us strong. From behind the camera, to inside the frame I believe in the power of photography. I am a Jane of all trades, master of none. I am a Mom to three teenagers (four if we count my husband). I am wildly passionate about supporting women in our journey wherever that path may lead. One direction is solid and continuous… beautifully empowered.

We are a lot stronger than we think, but we are most definitely stronger together.

My mission is simple; to honor every woman in every way.
The female body is a masterpiece. Beautiful in every way.

Authentically and Naturally, Magical.

Shamelessly femme. Powerfully perfect.
Let's uncover your self-love.

2. What is your experience shooting boudoir?

Boudoir was a natural path for me as I shoot the intimacies of being a woman. I capture women in our most beautiful form; pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

With these intimate portraits comes the desire to find our way back to feeling SEXY.

The Naked Truth, my version.

In our lifetime everyone has heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What we don’t hear is that when the “beholder” is ourselves, that beauty shines from the inside out and radiates.

The more we see it in ourselves, the brighter others see it beaming from within.

It’s not as simple as the image we see. It’s how the image makes us feel that is significant.

Feelings come from within and it is my passion to use the camera as a tool to bring those emotions out and into the picture.

Let your love be the ART on the walls of your home. Together, lets uncover your self LOVE.

3. Where will the photo shoot take place?

My photo shoots take place in comfortable, safe and intimate spaces.

Often taking place in my home studio.

But, I'm very flexible and sometimes your home is your most comfortable space.

4. How should customers prepare for the Boudoir photo shoot?

Firstly, I want to remind you that being nervous is completely normal.

We never pose for hours in intimate clothing for anyone, except for ourselves perhaps for a few minutes in a mirror when we think we’re looking particularly sexy (come on, admit it!) or with our partners, but again, not in the way it’s expected of you for a photo shoot. Modeling isn’t easy, and modeling in lingerie with a stranger is even more difficult. So, this is the reason I do what I do! I don’t shoot models in Boudoir anymore, all my Boudoir women and all the images you see on my website are ordinary women with jobs and families just like you and I. The most difficult part of this experience is booking your shoot, the rest is easy. I wish I could refer all my inquiries to ladies I’ve previously shot and have them tell you how enjoyable it was and how there was no need for nerves at all.

I promise you all the nerves you have before arriving will disappear and you’ll forget you were nervous within 10 minutes.

All my ladies enjoy their shoot; they all leave me wishing they could do it again!

LINGERIE - Please have my permission to go treat yourself to a couple of gorgeous lingerie sets if you don’t already have them.

Nice panties with matching bras, and in any color, also teddies, lacy wraps, whatever you feel comfortable in.

Most people think that Boudoir means lingerie or nudity. The truth is, it can be whatever you want it to be. T
he list of appropriate clothing is endless.

I also have a huge supply of pieces in my CLIENT CLOSET. Everything is available to you and we will work together before your shoot to create your perfect looks.

5. Will there be a hairstylist and make-up artist?

MAKE UP & HAIR - Make up and hair should be natural or a more dramatic look, whichever you’re more comfortable with. It’s better to have your hair and make up done by trained professionals (I am happy to recommend a few awesome gals), but if you prefer to do your own here are a few tips:

▪Lipstick should be at least one shade darker than your usual shade, especially if your clothing is black.
▪ Avoid frosted lipsticks as they are too light in photographs
▪ Blush and eye makeup should be applied slightly heavier than normal and very neatly and precisely.
▪ Eyeshadow should be a shade lighter, to bring the eyes forward in photographs
▪I can recommend MakeUp and Hairgirl who will come to your home or my studio before the shoot if you prefer. (at your cost)

6. What do you do to make your customers feel comfortable for the shoot?

I am simply just, ME.

I give you my promise that you will have a great time and will enjoy the shoot.
I also give you my promise that you will be delighted by your images and blown away at how fabulous you are!

I am so confident in this, that all your images and products are priced a la Carte.

You only purchase what you LOVE.

7. Are pictures printed or do you provide a digital file?

I provide both options in my A La Carte purchasing page.

As a suggestion, once you choose your images, I say you should choose your favorite three images in Black and White, have them blown up in matte, and framed with a large white border and thin black frame (these can be bought economically in Ikea. These will look amazing hung in your bedroom all three together. I normally say it’s best to have the ones without your face, then they look like fine art prints for your bedroom, but of course, this is entirely up to you. I also suggest you have all the images you are presented with made into a photo book. A little black book for your partner as a gift, or a bigger coffee table sized book for yourself (but obviously not for the coffee table).

8. What happens on the day?

With all of our preplanning, the "day-of" is exciting and fun.
We will move right through each "look," and styles we planned in advance.

9. Where will the photographs be used?

Your photos are yours. Unless otherwise discussed, I am huge advocate for your privacy.

I NEVER post images without direct comfort and consent from you personally.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

My reservation fee of $400 is yours and my commitment to our reserved time.
I will start preparing an stylizing your boudoir session with you right away.

Because I save this day and time exclusively for you, this reservation fee is NON-refundable.



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