Shannon Rouvel Makeup Artistry

Shannon Rouvel Makeup Artistry, located in Boston, specializes in on-location makeup artistry. With a focus on tailored makeup looks, Shannon ensures each client’s unique style is flawlessly brought to life. Meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to enhancing natural beauty define Shannon’s approach. Whether it’s for a wedding, photo shoot, or special event, Shannon’s expertise and passion for makeup artistry shine through in her exceptional technique and flawless application. Elevate your beauty experience with Shannon Rouvel Makeup Artistry, where professionalism and personalized care merge seamlessly.

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: 617-870-4789

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Shannon

Katrina Hess Makeup

Located in Boston, Katrina Hess Makeup provides versatile makeup options either on-site or at the studio. With a commitment to enhancing natural beauty and providing personalized experiences, Katrina specializes in creating stunning makeup looks tailored to each client’s preferences and needs. Whether it’s for a wedding, special event, or photoshoot, Katrina’s expertise and attention to detail ensure that every client feels confident and beautiful. With the option for on-site appointments or studio sessions, Katrina Hess Makeup provides convenience and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of her clients. Elevate your beauty experience with Katrina Hess Makeup and discover the perfect look for any occasion.

Address: 115 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 781-710-6865

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Katrina


Nelse Karini, known as BeautyByNelse, is an esteemed international makeup artist renowned for her passion and artistry. With a visionary approach in the beauty industry, Nelse excels in making every individual feel confident in their own skin. Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned her a reputation for creating stunning and transformative makeup looks. Whether it’s for a special event, photoshoot, or personal makeover, BeautyByNelse’s ability to enhance natural beauty and evoke confidence sets her apart. Elevate your beauty experience with BeautyByNelse and discover the transformative power of makeup artistry in Boston, MA.

Address: 151 Endicott St, Boston, MA 02113

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Nelse Karini

JGal Beauty

With over a decade of experience, Jessica Galdy of JGal Beauty has been a trusted onsite makeup artist in Boston, MA. Her belief in enhancing natural beauty, rather than masking it, sets her apart. Jessica’s technique involves working with light layers to maintain a skin-like appearance. Clients rave about her favored soft glam look, reflecting her dedication to timeless elegance. For weddings, photoshoots, or any special occasion, JGal Beauty ensures flawless makeup that celebrates individual beauty.

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: 781-333-9839

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jessica Galdy


Forget the filter. At ZenaRose, top-tier products and brushes are matched with your skin type to give you that flawless, airbrushed look. Their approach ensures every client feels confident and radiant in their own skin. Specializing in enhancing natural beauty without heavy makeup, ZenaRose creates looks that let your true beauty shine through. Experience the difference with ZenaRose in Boston, MA, whether it’s for a special event or everyday glam.

Address: 45-49 River St, Boston, MA 02108

Phone: 857-991-1680

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Marina Melnikova

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In the bustling streets of Boston, you are more than just a hair and makeup artist – you are a creator of dreams and a beacon of confidence. Your dedication to your craft has made you an indispensable part of this city’s beauty scene. As you continue to hone your skills and inspire others with your artistry, remember the impact you have on each person you touch. From enhancing natural beauty to unleashing bold transformations, your passion shines through in every brushstroke and every hairstyle. Keep shining bright, because in the world of beauty, your talent knows no bounds. Boston is lucky to have you, and your clients are grateful for the magic you bring into their lives.

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