Beauty And The Brush

With an unwavering dedication to staying ahead of trends, Beauty And The Brush stands out as a premier destination for personalized hair and makeup in Portland, OR. Led by Mariam, a certified artist since 2000, their focus is solely on meeting individual client needs. In the bustling rhythm of life, they prioritize ease and convenience without compromising on quality. By employing top-notch equipment, techniques, and technology, Mariam ensures every client leaves feeling their absolute best. This establishment isn’t just about a makeover; it’s a commitment to enhancing each client’s unique beauty journey. For those seeking the epitome of style and professionalism in the Pacific Northwest, Beauty And The Brush is the go-to destination.

Address: 3472 NW Blackcomb Dr, Portland, OR 97229

Phone: 971-226-6896

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mariam

Kerrin B - Makeup Artist

Highly regarded professional makeup artist and esthetician, Kerrin B brings 23 years of experience to her craft in Portland, OR. Kerrin believes in collaboration, working closely with clients to highlight their best features and ensure comfort on any special occasion. Her dedication to flawless results and client satisfaction is evident in every brushstroke. With Kerrin, it’s not just about makeup; it’s about creating a tailored experience that empowers clients to feel confident and beautiful. For those seeking personalized attention and expertise in makeup artistry, Kerrin B – Makeup Artist is a trusted choice in Portland’s beauty scene.

Address: 1428 SE 19th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: 978-257-3533

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kerrin Birchenough

Kelli Thomsen Beauty

Bringing 20 years of skin care and makeup experience to Portland, OR, Kelli Thomsen Beauty specializes in clean beauty for couples and wedding parties. Kelli’s focus is on enhancing clients’ favorite attributes, believing that feeling beautiful is a superpower. She prioritizes clean, cruelty-free products to bring out clients’ natural beauty and authentic story. Kelli’s extensive experience spans across various demographics, including artists, actors, seniors, and individuals from all walks of life. Understanding the significance of lighting and product choices, Kelli ensures her clients look their best in photos and reflect their brand authentically. For those seeking a personalized, clean beauty experience that celebrates individuality, Kelli Thomsen Beauty is a top choice in Portland.

Address: 917 NW Overton St, Portland, OR 97209

Phone: 503-890-5355

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kelli

Marina Haynes Artistry & Esthetics

Marina Haynes Artistry & Esthetics is a prominent name in Portland, OR’s beauty scene. With a keen eye for detail and years of experience, Marina brings her unique touch to hair and makeup artistry. Specializing in esthetics, Marina understands the importance of accentuating one’s natural beauty. Her personalized approach ensures each client feels confident and comfortable, whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday glam. Marina’s dedication to her craft shines through in every session, making her a top choice for those seeking professional hair and makeup services in Portland. Discover the magic of Marina Haynes Artistry & Esthetics and elevate your beauty experience.

Address: 10490 SW Eastridge St #110-G, Portland, OR 97225

Phone: 971-770-1213

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Marina

Kylie Sallee Makeup Artist

In Portland’s bustling beauty scene, Kylie Sallee shines with her dedication to making everyone feel their most beautiful. With a continuous drive to enhance her skills in this ever-evolving industry, Kylie exudes confidence and maintains a calm demeanor, even under pressure. Her commitment to accentuating her clients’ natural beauty ensures they feel confident and radiant. For those seeking a talented makeup artist in Portland, Kylie Sallee is a name worth remembering. Experience her expertise and embark on a transformative beauty journey.

Address: Portland, OR

Phone: 503-360-8769

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kylie Sallee

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As we conclude our exploration of the best hair and makeup artists in Portland, Oregon, we’re reminded of the extraordinary creativity and skill that defines this thriving community. From bridal beauty to editorial shoots, these artists have showcased their unparalleled talent, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

To all the aspiring artists out there, remember that your journey is just beginning. Continue to hone your craft, embrace your unique style, and never stop pushing the boundaries of creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Portland offers a vibrant canvas for you to express your passion for beauty and make your mark on the world.

So, here’s to the artists who inspire us with their artistry, dedication, and innovation. Thank you for bringing beauty and joy into our lives, one brushstroke at a time. As we bid farewell, we eagerly await the next chapter in Portland’s ever-evolving beauty landscape.

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