Puff Mistress Mentionables

At Puff Mistress Mentionables, everyone is celebrated for their unique beauty and individuality. This inclusive boutique offers a diverse range of lingerie, sleepwear, and activewear, catering to all shapes and sizes. With a mission to empower self-love and confidence, Puff Mistress invites you to embrace your sensuality and express yourself freely. Each carefully curated piece encourages body positivity and self-expression, fostering a journey towards feeling confidently sexy in your own skin. Experience a luxury, personal shopping experience where everyone is welcomed and embraced, regardless of budget. Let Puff Mistress Mentionables be your destination for dynamic images, powerful messaging, and tools to cultivate self-confidence and self-love.

Address: 25 N Market St LL102, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: 904-763-7331

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Contact : Puff Mistress Mentionables Team

Victoria's Secret

With a passion for lingerie, Victoria’s Secret endeavors to infuse beauty and fantasy into every woman’s wardrobe. Embracing their role as champions and advocates for women, they prioritize maintaining a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for all. Whether seeking everyday essentials or indulging in special occasion pieces, Victoria’s Secret offers a curated selection designed to empower and enchant. Their commitment to celebrating femininity and embracing individuality ensures that every shopper feels welcomed and appreciated. Experience the allure of lingerie shopping at Victoria’s Secret, where each visit promises to inspire confidence and ignite the imagination.

Address: 4742 River City Dr K-101, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: 904-997-8488

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Contact : Victoria's Secret Team

Lane Bryant

Join the party at Lane Bryant, Jacksonville’s go-to plus-size clothing store. Explore the latest trends in plus-size jeans, bras, sweaters, tops, and dresses. Enjoy free personal styling and expert fittings to find your perfect fit, whether it’s for work or date night. With free shipping to the local store and convenient curbside pick-up options, shopping is easy and hassle-free. Lane Bryant is dedicated to empowering and embracing curves, offering a supportive and inclusive shopping experience for sizes 10-40. Discover the possibilities and celebrate your curves with Lane Bryant, where every moment is a chance to shine.

Address: 9560 Crosshill Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32222

Phone: 904-271-3204

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Contact : Lane Bryant Team

Soma - Jacksonville

Discover Soma – Jacksonville, a haven for lingerie enthusiasts seeking comfort and elegance. With sizes ranging from 32A to 44G, every woman can find their perfect fit. Their boutique offers complimentary Expert Bra Fittings, ensuring a personalized experience. Soma prioritizes practicality without compromising on style, offering a diverse range of bras including wireless, bralettes, and sports bras. Embracing the essence of women supporting women, Soma listens to individual needs, crafting solutions that empower. Whether it’s everyday wear or special occasions, Soma caters to diverse preferences with new launches each season. Experience warmth, expertise, and exquisite lingerie at Soma – Jacksonville.

Address: 4751 River City Dr Suite 113, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: 904-997-0700

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Soma Team


Elevate your confidence at Aerie in Jacksonville, FL, where authenticity reigns supreme. From bras to swimwear, their inclusive collection celebrates every body. With a commitment to #AerieREAL, they embrace diversity and shun retouching, promoting self-love and positivity. Whether you’re seeking lingerie or activewear, Aerie encourages you to be your true self. Their empowering ethos extends beyond clothing, fostering a community where everyone feels accepted and celebrated. Step into Aerie and discover a space where you can embrace your real self with pride.

Address: 4790 River City Dr Suite 131, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: 904-641-3341

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Aerie Team

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As you conclude your search for the perfect lingerie store in Jacksonville, FL, envision the magic that awaits your lens. With an array of exquisite options designed to ignite passion and confidence, these stores promise to elevate your boudoir photography to new heights. So, whether you’re capturing the soft glow of morning light or the sultry allure of twilight, let the intricate details and luxurious fabrics of these lingerie pieces serve as the perfect canvas for your artistry. Embrace the journey of discovery, and may your photographs speak volumes of beauty, intimacy, and empowerment.

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