Mesa, AZ

Lilac Dream Boudoir

Lilac Dream Boudoir is one of the most widely celebrated boudoir photo studios in and around Mesa, a perfect choice for an elegant and sensual photo shoot. Lilac Dream Boudoir prioritizes the comfort of the clients above everything else, ensuring that boudoir photo shoots at this studio are a prime opportunity to explore the comfort of a woman within her own body; the team at Lilac Dream Boudoir feels strongly that every woman should come as they are, with beauty being expressed no matter the body.  

Address: Mesa, AZ

Phone: 646-295-6495

Facebook: Lilac Dream Boudoir

Instagram: Lilac Dream Boudoir

Contact : Nova Mejia


Ashtyn Nicole Photography

Look no further than Ashlyn Nicole Photography for a boudoir photography studio that can take a professional and artistic approach to photography that prioritizes the feelings and emotions of the woman at the center of it all. Ashlyn Nicole Photography makes things easy for clients, compiling several key services into a variety of boudoir packages that can be easily booked and purchased in advance of a photo session. These packages include outfits, various lengths of time, and digital photographs included. Physical wall art items and print boxes can be provided after the session as well for an additional fee.

Address: Mesa, AZ

Phone: 480-862-4992

Facebook: Ashtyn Nicole Photography

Instagram: Ashtyn Nicole Photography

Contact : Ashtyn Nicole


Boudoir By J Anderson

When it comes to boudoir photography services, Boudoir By J Anderson is a fabulous choice of Mesa-based boudoir photography studio. Boudoir By J Anderson can offer clients tons of amenities and inclusions with packages, including an in-person wardrobe consultation to get the perfect outfit nailed down, use of the boudoir studio and a 19-page guide to prepare for the photo shoot, access to the client wardrobe with all sizes included, hair styling and makeup services with lashes provided for free, two outfits, posing coaching, and quality editing to ensure a fabulous final product.

Address: Mesa, AZ

Phone: 480-296-3466

Facebook: Boudoir By J Anderson

Instagram: Boudoir By J Anderson

Contact : Jennifer Anderson

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Tucson, AZ

Unleashed Boudoir

Unleashed Boudoir is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios to be found across Tucson and beyond, a great option for local women hoping to schedule a boudoir photography shoot. Unleashed Boudoir can schedule consultations in advance of a shoot to ensure that the client’s goals can be noted and executed in a session; these consultations are no-obligation and last about twenty minutes. Boudoir sessions with Unleashed Boudoir include up to four wardrobe changes, professional hair and makeup services, and an in-person ordering session after the shoot.

Address: 8553 N Silverbell Rd Ste 101, Tucson, AZ 85743

Phone: 520-305-9884

Facebook: Unleashed Boudoir

Instagram: Unleashed Boudoir

Contact : Krista Manus


Torey Photo

Look no further than Torey Photo for a boudoir photography studio that can empower and inspire women to feel like their best selves through photo sessions. Torey Photo specializes in nude photography shoots that reveal women in their most vulnerable state while making them look their most powerful and beautiful. Torey Photo also offers intimate couples sessions and portrait photography for clients looking to explore other facets of themselves in front of the lens. Owned and operated by professional photographer Torey, this boudoir photography studio is a must for Tucson-based women.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: 520-240-3791

Facebook: Torey Photo

Instagram: Torey Photo

Contact : Torey Hayden


Lexhalle Photography

Lexhalle Photography is a Tucson-based photography studio specializing in boudoir photographs of women that have an affirming and confidence-boosting effect. Lexhalle Photography is staffed by a talented photographer who can serve as a hype-person to instill a feeling of comfort and warmth throughout the photo session. The photo session will include a vast array of guided poses with prompts provided by the photographer, keeping the energy and the vibe relaxed. Packages can include up to 40 images taken over an hour-long session in one location with as many outfits as the client wants.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Facebook: Lexhalle Photography

Instagram: Lexhalle Photography

Contact : Lexi Peers

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Phoenix, AZ

Vanity Boudoir by Mandy

Look no further than Vanity Boudoir by Mandy for a boudoir photography outlet owned and operated by a true industry expert who can be easily trusted to provide memorable boudoir photography services that will stand the test of time. Vanity Boudoir by Mandy has a track record of excellence across the board, with testimonials from a vast array of previous clients who can attest to the unbelievable quality of the photography on offer with this photo studio. Vanity By Mandy is owned and operated by Mandy Aliano, a popular local photographer with a powerful presence that can inspire and empower all women with whom she collaborates.

Address: Phoenix, AZ

Facebook: Vanity Boudoir by Mandy

Instagram: Vanity Boudoir by Mandy

Contact : Mandy Aliano


The Bella Jade Collection

The Bella Jade Collection is one of the most sought after boudoir photography service providers across Phoenix, Arizona and beyond. The Bella Jade Collection offers a completely complimentary boudoir guide in order to help women prepare for boudoir photography sessions at this studio, including advice on lingerie and outfit selection as well as posing guidance. The Bella Jade Collection offers all-inclusive packages with such items and amenities included as a pre-shoot styling and wardrobe consultation, use of the photography studio in Scottsdale, hair and makeup styling services, multiple outfit changes, posing assistance, photo retouching, and a private photo selection session.

Address: 7375 E Stetson Dr Suite 201, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 602-380-8112

Facebook: The Bella Jade Collection

Instagram: The Bella Jade Collection

Contact : Christina


Ericson's Photography

Ericson’s Photography is a widely beloved boudoir photography studio located in the heart of Phoenix, with tons of expertise under their belt when it comes to providing local women with memorable boudoir photography services. With Ericson’s Photography, boudoir sessions last up to 60 minutes with three outfits, professional hair and makeup styling, personalized outfit consultations in the runup to the session, professional editing and retouching, and a private session for the reveal of the photographs and the ensuing ordering.

Address: 5805 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

Phone: 602-774-2929

Facebook: Ericson's Photography

Instagram: Ericson's Photography

Contact : Jennifer Ericson

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