Unleashed Boudoir

Unleashed Boudoir is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios to be found across Tucson and beyond, a great option for local women hoping to schedule a boudoir photography shoot. Unleashed Boudoir can schedule consultations in advance of a shoot to ensure that the client’s goals can be noted and executed in a session; these consultations are no-obligation and last about twenty minutes. Boudoir sessions with Unleashed Boudoir include up to four wardrobe changes, professional hair and makeup services, and an in-person ordering session after the shoot.

Address: 8553 N Silverbell Rd Ste 101, Tucson, AZ 85743

Phone: 520-305-9884

Social: Instagram

Contact : Krista Manus

Torey Photo

Look no further than Torey Photo for a boudoir photography studio that can empower and inspire women to feel like their best selves through photo sessions. Torey Photo specializes in nude photography shoots that reveal women in their most vulnerable state while making them look their most powerful and beautiful. Torey Photo also offers intimate couples sessions and portrait photography for clients looking to explore other facets of themselves in front of the lens. Owned and operated by professional photographer Torey, this boudoir photography studio is a must for Tucson-based women.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: 520-240-3791

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Torey Hayden

Lexhalle Photography

Lexhalle Photography is a Tucson-based photography studio specializing in boudoir photographs of women that have an affirming and confidence-boosting effect. Lexhalle Photography is staffed by a talented photographer who can serve as a hype-person to instill a feeling of comfort and warmth throughout the photo session. The photo session will include a vast array of guided poses with prompts provided by the photographer, keeping the energy and the vibe relaxed. Packages can include up to 40 images taken over an hour-long session in one location with as many outfits as the client wants.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lexi Peers

Josh Sailor Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography services in and around Tucson, Josh Sailor Photography is a local favorite. Josh Sailor offers 20 years of practical industry experience, which he can apply to boudoir photography shoots as well as the editing and post-production process, when he refines the photographs into a vivid, artful product. Sessions with Josh Sailor Photography can be easily booked online, with a vast array of services offered in addition to the boudoir photography options.

Address: 5935 N Sabino Canyon Rd, Tucson, AZ 85750

Phone: 520-462-1209

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Josh Sailor

Photography by Jacquelynn

As a boudoir photography outlet in Tucson, Photography by Jacquelynn is a trusted source of high quality photography services. Photography by Jacquelynn offers a variety of styles for boudoir sessions, which is a perfect resource for women who aren’t sure what direction they want for their shoot and are looking for inspiration. Boudoir sessions can be scheduled solo or in couples, with bridal boudoir services available as well. Photography by Jacquelynn also offers pin-up photography and fine art photography, adding to the versatility of this photography outlet.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: 610-662-1823

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jacquelynn

RC Photo Boudoir

RC Photo Boudoir is a lovely boudoir photography company located in Tucson, with a ton of services and amenities for photo shoots that will be artfully conducted and fabulously executed. RC Photo Boudoir offers several packages, including a budget friendly option with 15 edits and one outfit, as well as a luxury package with 35 or more edits and 3-4 outfit changes throughout the session. RC Photo Boudoir provides a two week turnaround on photos, and photography shoots can be held in the location of the client’s choice or in the RC Photo Boudoir studio.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: 323-403-8092

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Rebecca Clark

Artifact Photography Studio

Boudoir photography sessions held at Artifact Photography Studio always benefit from the sheer professionalism and artistry of the photographer at the helm, Michelle. Michelle at Artifact Photography Studio offers services that are fully customized to the exact specifications of the client, and these needs are established in a complimentary consultation in advance of a boudoir session. Artifact Photography Studio can provide both digital photographs and wall art collections, with physical art items coming at an additional cost after the session.

Address: 7320 N La Cholla Blvd, Suite 1540-245, Tucson, AZ 85741

Phone: 833-277-8721

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Michelle Owens

Luxury Angel Studio

Luxury Angel Studio lives up to its name, providing luxurious services in the field of boudoir photography for women based out of Tucson. Luxury Angel Studio specializes in taking pictures of women with angel wings, a sensual blend of reality and fantasy that will make for a fabulous indulgence. Kristielynn is the head photographer at Luxury Angel Studio, and clients who work with Kristielynn concur that her services as a photographer can make for a truly empowering and inspiring experience. 

Address: Tucson, AZ

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kristie Fonseca

Moments by Sherri

Moments by Sherri is one of the premier boudoir photography studios to be found across Tucson and beyond, a fabulous option for local women in the market for a boudoir shoot. Moments by Sherri outlines a process for boudoir shoots that starts with a consultation to discuss comfort level and specifications; the process continues with a scheduled session, which can last anywhere from two to four hours, with five to six outfits rotated throughout; lastly, clients can join Sherri in person for a viewing session in which clients can pick out their favorite images for prints and photo albums.

Address: 1918 S Sleepy Hollow Ave, Tucson, AZ 85710

Phone: 618-806-2220

Social: Instagram

Contact : Sherri

Way Out West Creative

Few boudoir photography studios in and around Tucson can match the sheer excellence of the services provided by Way Out West Creative. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled in advance of a boudoir photo shoot, while items provided during the session include client wardrobe selections, stilettos and cowboy boots, up to six hours of photographic coverage, an edited photo collection and a photo reveal session, and the option to purchase a bevy of wall art options and physical print albums.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: 406-431-1596

Social: Facebook

Contact : Jana M. Suchy

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Now that you’ve finished reading through our list of the top ten boudoir photography studios to be found across Tucson, Arizona and beyond, we hope that you feel just a little bit more prepared to make a decision about your favorite studio at which you’ll want to schedule a boudoir photo shoot. With so many great options, we know it can be hard to choose. That’s why we recommend simply going with your gut instinct. Because boudoir photography is so intimate and exposed, it’s best that you work with a photography studio that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and prepared to take on a vulnerable experience. We hope that you find your favorite studio among our list of the top ten boudoir photography outlets in and around Tucson, Arizona!

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