Karen French Photography

For over 18 years, Karen French Photography has been a beacon of boudoir excellence in Orange County, CA. Renowned for her expertise, Karen skillfully uses lighting, angles, and poses to transform every client into a goddess. With a staggering 400 five-star Yelp reviews and 100 more on Google, Karen’s artistry speaks volumes. Specializing in boudoir since 2013, her 2,000 square foot studio is a haven for empowerment, capturing the beauty of over 2,640 women. Karen, along with her dedicated team, including Studio Manager Denise, Social Media Superwoman Rachel, and skilled makeup artists RJ and Chelsea, ensures an unforgettable and confidence-boosting experience. Discover the allure of boudoir through the lens of Karen French Photography, where every woman is celebrated as sexy, beautiful, and unstoppable.

Address: Irvine, CA

Phone: 949-679-9222

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Karen French

Faye Gedik Photography

Address: Santa Ana, CA

Phone: 714-319-9436

Profile: Faye Gedik Photography

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Faye Gedik

Photography by Alyssa Michelle

In the heart of Orange County, Alyssa Michelle crafts intimate portraits that celebrate self-love, empowering women to embrace every inch of themselves. A local with a passion for creating beauty, Alyssa infuses her work with the soul-nourishing ethos instilled by her parents. As a Women’s Intimate Portraiture + Boudoir Photographer, Alyssa invites clients to a comfortable and empowering experience. With a touch of humor and a love for cat videos, Alyssa not only captures stunning photographs but also encourages a shift in perspective, breaking societal stigmas and fostering self-love. Discover the magic within, as Photography by Alyssa Michelle invites you to appreciate the beauty of your life, body, and unique self.

Address: Santa Ana, CA

Social: Instagram

Contact : Alyssa Michelle

Eleven Boudoir

Discover the transformative power of Eleven Boudoir, where beauty meets empowerment in Orange County, CA. With a heartfelt message, they challenge limiting beliefs, urging you to shed old stories and embrace a new truth – that you are beautiful, powerful, and worthy. Beyond capturing pretty pictures, Eleven Boudoir focuses on empowering your self-love journey. This isn’t just about photography; it’s a celebration of your unique beauty and strength. Step into a space where confidence blooms, radiance shines, and the goddess within you is reclaimed. Elevate your perception of self with Eleven Boudoir, where every image tells a story of beauty, power, and the journey to self-love.

Address: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Phone: 949-541-9058

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Leonor

Pussycat Pinups Photography

Step into the world of Pussycat Pinups Photography, where Hollywood Glamour meets Intimate Boudoir in the heart of Orange County, CA. Beth Cocuzzi, a visionary in Pinup and Boudoir Photography, brings over 16 years of expertise to capture your seductive glamourous side. The studio offers a laid-back, private environment, inviting you to embrace your sensuality confidently. Beth’s passion for making women feel beautiful reflects in her 6000+ photoshoots, blending retro/glamour seamlessly into modern Boudoir. Published in various media, Pussycat Pinups specializes in Glamour, Maternity Boudoir, and Sexy Couples photography. Whether a mom, a friend, or a woman rediscovering her confidence, Pussycat Pinups Photography celebrates the everyday woman’s allure with grace and style.

Address: Huntington Beach, CA

Phone: 702-401-3303

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Beth Cocuzzi Broerman

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The journey to find the perfect boudoir photographer in Orange County, CA, is an exhilarating adventure that goes beyond mere image capture. It is a quest to discover an artist who can skillfully weave the threads of your individual narrative into a tapestry of empowerment, confidence, and self-love. The enchanting landscapes of Orange County serve as a captivating canvas, and our curated list stands testament to the skilled professionals who excel in the art of boudoir photography. As you embark on this exploration with us, may the clicks of the shutter echo not just as snapshots but as whispers of your essence. In a world where capturing your unique story matters, our spotlight on the Top Best Boudoir Photographers in Orange County, CA, invites you to entrust your vision to those who can transform it into a visual masterpiece. Embrace the personal and intimate choice of selecting the right photographer, for this journey is an ode to celebrating the beauty, strength, and self-expression that define you.

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