Alexandra Kacha Photography

With over 21 years of experience capturing intimate moments, Alexandra Kacha Photography stands out as a premier boudoir photographer in Los Angeles. Alexandra’s lens skillfully blends retro aesthetics with contemporary empowerment, offering clients a safe space to embrace their true selves. Through a non-binary gaze, Alexandra challenges norms, promoting body positivity and diversity in mainstream media. From boudoir to weddings, each session is a transformative experience, fostering confidence and self-love. With a portfolio featured in campaigns for major brands, Alexandra’s work is not just photography; it’s a journey towards authenticity and empowerment. Trust Alexandra Kacha Photography to make your intimate portraits unforgettable.







Address: Los Angeles, CA 90042

Phone: 858-361-3976

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Contact : Alexandra Kacha

Faye Gedik Photography

Faye Gedik Photography, based in Orange County, CA, specializes in boudoir photography that empowers and celebrates everyday women. Faye, a Southern California native, is passionate about capturing intimate and creative portraits that boost confidence and highlight the beauty and strength of women at any stage of life. Whether celebrating personal milestones, rekindling self-love, or creating a special gift, her sessions are designed to make women feel powerful, sexy, and self-assured. Faye’s approach focuses on embracing the unique qualities of each client, ensuring a fun and transformative experience that showcases the inner and outer beauty of every woman.

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Address: Costa Mesa, CA

Phone: 714-319-9436

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David Victory Boudoir

One of the most popular boudoir photographers in LA, David Victory has been shaping the landscape of the medium for decades. David’s boudoir sessions are as simple or extravagant as one can imagine, to capture the most beautiful you in boudoir with his magic of light and shadow. With 400 five star reviews across the net and all female team David brings confidence to his sessions, plus with his extensive portfolio of photo shoots for brands and top LA models you are sure to find brilliant inspiration for your boudoir photo shoot.

Not only David offers free client consultations before bookings, he goes the extra mile by creating a mood board with your input so there is visual direction, wardrobe, styling, coverage and clarity for each session. Bookings are as easy as email, text, DM and a call.





Playboy Studio






Address: 945 Maple Ave Unit B Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone: 310-988-6575

Profile: David Victory Boudoir

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Sara Lynn Boudoir Studio

Sara Lynn Boudoir Studio, located in Wildomar, CA, emerges as a beacon of empowerment and inclusivity in the realm of boudoir photography. With a tagline urging you to “Love her, but leave her wild,” Sara Lynn creates a high-end boudoir experience for women from all walks of life. Her studio is not just about capturing beauty; it’s a journey to embrace your inner badass. Sara Lynn, a devoted boy mom and girl boss, passionately guides women to break free from self-criticism, offering a transformative experience that goes beyond a simple photo shoot. Through her lens, she aims to boost confidence and redefine self-love, making every woman feel like a supermodel, if only for a day. Say yes to Sara Lynn Boudoir Studio and embark on a life-changing, perspective-shifting adventure.

Address: Wildomar, CA

Phone: 951-268-9021

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sara Lynn

LaRose Portraits

Unveil your beauty and embrace self-love with LaRose Portraits, a transformative boudoir photography experience in Southern California. Led by Lauren, a compassionate photographer with a personal journey of overcoming an eating disorder, LaRose Portraits goes beyond capturing images – it’s about self-discovery and empowerment. Lauren’s commitment stems from a deep desire to help every woman see her unique beauty, transcending societal norms. Through boudoir photography, she provides a safe space for clients to shed insecurities, fostering self-love and body positivity. Choose LaRose Portraits for a journey that transcends photography, celebrating your individuality with warmth, empathy, and a touch of artistic magic.

Address: Anaheim, CA

Phone: 740-352-2375

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lauren Rose

Boudoir By Claudia Corcoran

Discover confidence in the lens of Boudoir By Claudia Corcoran, a refined boudoir photography studio in Southern California. Claudia specializes in empowering the everyday woman, offering a pampering experience that transcends traditional photography. Rejecting societal norms, Claudia’s philosophy emphasizes self-love as a rebellious revolution for every woman, regardless of age or perceived limitations. Numbers do not define, and experience is unnecessary – confidence is for everyone. Invest in yourself and witness the transformative journey, where embracing individuality and sensuality takes center stage. Boudoir By Claudia Corcoran beckons you to be authentically you, fostering a celebration of self that goes beyond the ordinary.

Address: Long Beach, CA

Phone: 424-999-9719

Social: Instagram

Contact : Claudia Corcoran

Melisa Ford Boudoir

Experience the allure of Melisa Ford Boudoir, offering exquisite and professional boudoir photography for the modern woman in San Diego. Melisa, a passionate and patient photographer, guides clients through a once-in-a-lifetime experience, capturing moments that celebrate confidence, sensuality, and empowerment. Whether you’re commemorating a special occasion, embracing healing, or simply giving yourself the joy of lingerie photography, Melisa Ford Boudoir ensures a personalized and empowering journey. With a studio in North County San Diego and a reach that extends throughout Southern California, including Temecula, Melisa’s dedication to showcasing the beauty in every woman sets her apart as a top choice for those seeking an unforgettable boudoir experience.

Address: San Diego, CA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Melisa Ford

Lux & Noir Boudoir

Welcome to Lux & Noir Boudoir, the epitome of Ventura’s luxury boudoir experience curated by Chelsea Elizabeth Photography. In this sanctuary, boudoir transcends boundaries—it’s an inclusive celebration where age and numbers hold no sway. Your sexy is timeless, and no prior experience is needed to embark on this empowering journey. Lux & Noir Boudoir beckons women to invest in themselves, to embrace self-love, and redefine their confidence. Discover the art of boudoir in Southern California, where Chelsea Elizabeth Photography captures not just images but the essence of your unique allure. Step into a world where being yourself is the ultimate celebration.

Address: Ventura, CA

Phone: 805-222-6953

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Chelsea Elizabeth

Julia Kay Boudoir

Indulge in tastefully seductive boudoir photography at Julia Kay Boudoir, nestled in the enchanting Claremont Village just east of Los Angeles. Julia, the owner and photographer, possesses a unique skill for capturing the authentic essence of her clients. Laughter, fun, and relaxation characterize the experience she crafts, ensuring she captures not just you but the real you. With a commitment to providing a safe and exclusive environment, Julia Kay Boudoir offers a dramatic yet tasteful spin on boudoir photography. Using natural light and shadows, Julia’s dynamic and flattering style creates sensual, sexy, and artistic vibes, ultimately empowering clients to embrace newfound confidence. Choose Julia Kay Boudoir for an unforgettable, personalized boudoir experience in Southern California.

Address: Claremont, CA

Phone: 626-214-8355

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Julia Kay

Bare Heart Boudoir

Meet Mariah and Patrick Eaves, the creative duo behind Bare Heart Boudoir, a gem among Southern California’s top boudoir photographers. Hailing from the Central Coast, Mariah, with her infectious smile and hospitality expertise, serves as the client concierge. Meanwhile, Patrick, a featured content filmmaker and experienced paragliding instructor, captures the essence of empowerment through his lens. Formerly known for creating the first escape room on the Central Coast, their passion now lies in the transformative art of boudoir photography. With hearts poured into every session, Bare Heart Boudoir takes clients on a journey from shyness to self-love, making the process as enjoyable as it is empowering. Experience the magic of body positivity with Bare Heart Boudoir.

Address: Los Osos, CA

Phone: 805-203-6623

Social: Instagram

Contact : Mariah & Patrick

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As you navigate the realm of boudoir photography in Southern California, remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Each photographer on our curated list brings a distinctive touch to the art, ensuring your experience is both personal and unforgettable. Your empowerment and comfort are at the forefront of their lens, promising a collection of images that radiate your unique beauty. Whether against the backdrop of palm trees or city lights, these photographers skillfully craft moments that capture your essence. Embrace the transformative power of boudoir photography and let Southern California’s finest artists immortalize your confidence. Your story, sensuality, and strength – beautifully encapsulated through the artistry of the region’s top boudoir photographers.

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