Columbus, OH
614 Boudoir Photography

As a top Columbus boudoir photographer, you can trust Kristin’s expertise when it comes to a full-service portrait experience. From helping you decide on the type of session — flirty, sexy, or erotic — to picking luxury products and selecting flattering poses, she will help you every step of the way. The gorgeous Creekside Gahanna studio offers a comfortable area for your seductive session with a glam team for hair and makeup, as well as a wardrobe for robes, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie sizes xs to 4x. No matter what you choose for your session, you will feel downright incredible. 614 Boudoir Photography offers modern, sexy images for both women and couples.

Address: 74 Mill St. Columbus, OH 43230

Phone: 614-636-1531

Social: Instagram

Contact : Kristin

Body Beautiful Boudoir

You are enough at Body Beautiful Boudoir! Come just as you are for a one-of-a-kind uplifting experience. Empowering boudoir photography is available for all types of women, no matter their age or size. Intimate male photography is also an option, as well as couples lifestyle photography to reveal your genuine connection. Body contour imagery is an artistic way to display your beautiful curves, from sexy poses to maternity moments. You can select between two packages, which will include professional hair, makeup, and lashes, help with posing, and more. Same-day viewing and ordering are also available, along with outfit changes in the sheets, or nude options. 

Address: 395 W Rich St, Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: 614-579-8321

Social: Facebook

Contact : Brenda

Exactly You Boudoir

Embrace self-love and empowerment at Exactly You Boudoir, a captivating studio in Delaware, Ohio, serving Columbus and Central Ohio. With a mission to uplift women of all ages, sizes, and races, Exactly You crafts empowering boudoir experiences, capturing the essence of being EXACTLY YOU. Meet Nursah, the passionate photographer with a background in architecture, and Sarah, the compassionate dreamer and hockey mom. Their mission goes beyond photography; they aspire to be lifelong friends, understanding insecurities and showcasing worth. The Exactly You experience ensures confidence, offering professional styling, coaching, and a same-day image reveal. Let Nursah and Sarah redefine your self-perception through a transformative boudoir session.

Address: 5 N Sandusky St, Delaware, OH 43015

Phone: 740-485-3644

Profile: Exactly You Boudoir

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Nursah & Sarah

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North East Oh, OH
Emily Louise Boudoir

Emily Louise Boudoir, helmed by the passionate photographer Emily, transcends traditional boudoir sessions by fostering confidence and empowerment. Specializing in capturing the essence of women through a lens, Emily’s journey from photography enthusiast to boudoir artist was ignited by her personal transformation. Having grappled with confidence and self-image, Emily understands the profound impact of seeing oneself differently. Her mission extends beyond creating stunning images; it’s about guiding women towards newfound confidence. With a background rich in diverse photography experiences, Emily’s artistry is dedicated to making every client feel as extraordinary as the images she effortlessly crafts. Discover a boudoir experience that goes beyond the surface, celebrating confidence, self-love, and the art of empowerment with Emily Louise Boudoir.

Address: Akron, OH

Phone: 330-696-0341

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Emily

Blush Bloom Boudoir

In the realm of self-love and empowerment, Blush Bloom Boudoir stands as a revolutionary space for every woman. Guided by Confidence Queen Cassie, this studio redefines traditional photography, honoring the perfection of your body and fostering empowerment in every frame. Cassie’s expertise in biology and human psychology infuses depth into each session, moving beyond the surface to spark healing and self-discovery. As a wife, mother, and neurodivergent individual, Cassie intimately comprehends life’s intricacies. Blush Bloom Boudoir is more than captivating photographs; it’s a haven of creativity, freedom, and peace. Cassie’s empathetic approach ensures you’re not just seen but cherished—an experience that captures your essence and nurtures the self-love you deserve. Your transformative journey begins here.

Address: Cleveland, OH

Phone: 330-474-9146

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Cassie

Liza Sue Productions

Experience comfort and empowerment at Liza Sue Productions, where every woman’s beauty is celebrated. Liza, our skilled photographer with a background in art, fashion, and costume design, brings a unique touch to capturing your sexy side. With a decade of photography expertise and modeling experience, Liza excels in posing clients for the most flattering angles. We prioritize your comfort, never pressuring you to reveal more than you’re comfortable with. Liza’s mastery of Photoshop ensures professional airbrushing for that extra touch. Her bubbly and down-to-earth personality makes every client feel secure while embracing their sensual side. Choose Liza Sue Productions for an unforgettable experience—capturing your beauty just as you are.

Address: Richfield, OH

Phone: 440-665-9852

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Liza Studebaker

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Cleveland, OH
Distraction Photo

Distraction Photo, led by the talented photographer Dana Nunez, brings a unique blend of artistry and sophistication to boudoir photography in Cleveland, OH. With a background in ceramics and a passion for psychology, Dana seamlessly combines her artistic vision with a genuine desire to boost her clients’ confidence. Specializing in sessions for individuals and couples, Distraction Photo guides you from pre-shoot planning to the final image selection. Dana’s unconventional journey from art therapy to photography reflects in her approach, creating an inclusive and empowering space for clients. Distraction Photo stands out as a testament to the fusion of passion, skill, and the art of building confidence through the lens.

Address: 3143 W 33rd St Unit #4, Cleveland, OH 44109

Phone: 216-965-8654

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Dana Nunez

Blush Bloom Boudoir

Meet Cassie, the Confidence Queen at Blush Bloom Boudoir, where revolutionary self-love takes center stage. As a passionate advocate of body positivity, Cassie goes beyond capturing images; she embarks on a journey of healing and empowerment with her clients. With a background in biology and human psychology, each session becomes a transformative experience, tailored to kindle a deeper sense of self-love and confidence. Cassie, a wife, mother, and a resilient spirit, understands the intricate dance of life’s contradictions. In her studio, you’re not just creating stunning photographs; you’re stepping into a sanctuary of creativity, freedom, and peace. Let Blush Bloom Boudoir be your partner in capturing the essence of who you truly are, celebrating your unique beauty, strength, and joy.

Address: 2530 Superior Ave #503, Cleveland, OH 44124

Phone: 330-474-9146

Social: Instagram

Contact : Cassie

Wildfire Studios

Erika, the dedicated boudoir photographer behind Wildfire Studios in Cleveland, Ohio, invites you to “Be the Wildfire for You.” Beyond capturing beautiful boudoir photos, Erika prioritizes creating a safe and supportive experience for every client. With a passion for guiding individuals through the entire process, from the initial consultation to personalized posing guidance and outfit selection, Erika ensures a comfortable journey. Regardless of age, shape, gender, ability, or sexual orientation, Wildfire Studios welcomes and believes that everyone is worthy of being photographed. Step into Wildfire Studios and let Erika be your supportive guide on this exciting and empowering boudoir adventure.

Address: 1242 E 49th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

Phone: 440-724-1710

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Erika

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Cincinnati, OH
Roar Boudoir

Meet Paige, the visionary behind Roar Boudoir, a trailblazing Cincinnati studio reshaping the narrative of boudoir photography since 2014. With an all-female team, Roar Boudoir is not just a studio; it’s a celebration of diverse beauty in all its forms. Located in Mt. Healthy, Roar Boudoir embraces body positivity, ensuring clients of every shape, size, and color feel empowered through their art. Paige, a seasoned photographer, passionately infuses her decade-long expertise into every session, capturing the genuine beauty that defines you. Committed to fostering confidence, Destiny and Becci, integral members of the team, contribute to creating an atmosphere where clients leave not just photographed, but transformed. Roar Boudoir believes in equality for all, proudly welcoming everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community. Elevate your self-image with Roar Boudoir—a journey of empowerment and beauty awaits.

Address: 1586 Compton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Phone: 513-601-9916

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Paige

Dirty Girl Boudoir

Nestled in Cincinnati, Dirty Girl Boudoir, helmed by the seasoned photographer Kimberly, invites those in search of an empowering boudoir experience. With a remarkable 15-year expertise, Kimberly specializes exclusively in boudoir photography, ensuring dedicated focus on crafting enduring, confidence-boosting images. Situated in their dedicated studio, Dirty Girl eliminates the need for generic settings, providing a personalized journey for women of all ages, sizes (0-26), and backgrounds. Beyond photography, Kimberly, a devoted mother and business owner, passionately advocates for self-love. Her impressive portfolio features international publications and collaborations with renowned brands, underscoring Dirty Girl Boudoir’s dedication to capturing the essence of unapologetic beauty. Step into Kimberly’s studio, embrace your unique qualities, and let Dirty Girl Boudoir redefine your self-perception.

Address: 2541 Cook St, Cincinnati, OH 45214

Phone: 513-535-6951

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kimberly

Gemini Boudoir

Chelsea, the creative force behind Gemini Boudoir in Cincinnati, OH, welcomes you to a transformative boudoir photography experience. With a decade-long journey from nature photography to empowering women, Chelsea specializes in reshaping self-perceptions. Beyond the lens, her glam team—Alexis, the hairstylist since 2019, and Kate, the makeup artist and hairstylist since 2022—share a dedication to enhancing your natural beauty. Gemini Boudoir is not just a studio; it’s a celebration of individuality and self-love. Chelsea and her team focus on making each client feel like royalty, ensuring that your boudoir session is a journey of rediscovery and confidence.

Address: Cincinnati, OH

Phone: 513-706-3963

Social: Instagram

Contact : Chelsea

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Toledo, OH
Boudoir By Cipriani

Located in Downtown Toledo, Ohio, Boudoir By Cipriani provides a sanctuary for everyday women to embrace their beauty and celebrate their unique stories. Led by photographer Kerri, their studio caters to the Toledo Metropolitan area with sessions designed to capture the essence of confidence and authenticity. Whether seeking classic boudoir or bridal photography, clients are invited to rediscover, reclaim, and restore their self-image. With a focus on body positivity and empowerment, Boudoir By Cipriani ensures each session is a personalized journey towards self-love and acceptance. Serving Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Bowling Green, and beyond, they create a safe space for clients to express themselves through the art of boudoir photography.

Address: 425 Jefferson Ave Suite 400, Toledo, OH 43604

Phone: 813-768-4568

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kerri

Lindsay Nicole Photography

In the studio, Lindsay Nicole Photography empowers everyday women to embrace their inner strength and confidence. With a motto of “you came, you saw, now conquer,” Lindsay is dedicated to capturing the fierce and beautiful essence of her clients. Specializing in boudoir photography, Lindsay creates stunning images that showcase her clients’ unique beauty and badassery. As the main photographer, Lindsay’s passion lies in hanging with badass babes and crafting gorgeous images that leave her clients feeling empowered and confident. For those looking to unleash their inner badass and capture it in stunning photographs, Lindsay Nicole Photography is the ultimate choice in Toledo, OH.

Address: 6635 Central Ave Suite 100, Toledo, OH 43617

Phone: 419-273-6040

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lindsay


Bold, sexy, and empowering, Artography419 specializes in transformative boudoir sessions that push the boundaries of comfort zones. Catering to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, they craft powerful and empowering images that celebrate each client’s unique beauty. With a focus on empowerment, Artography419’s goal is to showcase the individuality and strength of every woman they photograph. Led by a skilled photographer experienced in shooting for national clients, Artography419 is dedicated to using creativity to make each client look and feel amazing. For those seeking a boudoir experience that empowers and inspires, Artography419 is the ideal choice in Toledo, OH.

Address: 425 Jefferson Ave Unit 502, Toledo, OH 43604

Phone: 917-856-4329

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Michael

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