Emily Louise Boudoir

Emily Louise Boudoir, helmed by the passionate photographer Emily, transcends traditional boudoir sessions by fostering confidence and empowerment. Specializing in capturing the essence of women through a lens, Emily’s journey from photography enthusiast to boudoir artist was ignited by her personal transformation. Having grappled with confidence and self-image, Emily understands the profound impact of seeing oneself differently. Her mission extends beyond creating stunning images; it’s about guiding women towards newfound confidence. With a background rich in diverse photography experiences, Emily’s artistry is dedicated to making every client feel as extraordinary as the images she effortlessly crafts. Discover a boudoir experience that goes beyond the surface, celebrating confidence, self-love, and the art of empowerment with Emily Louise Boudoir.

Address: Akron, OH

Phone: 330-696-0341

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Emily

Blush Bloom Boudoir

In the realm of self-love and empowerment, Blush Bloom Boudoir stands as a revolutionary space for every woman. Guided by Confidence Queen Cassie, this studio redefines traditional photography, honoring the perfection of your body and fostering empowerment in every frame. Cassie’s expertise in biology and human psychology infuses depth into each session, moving beyond the surface to spark healing and self-discovery. As a wife, mother, and neurodivergent individual, Cassie intimately comprehends life’s intricacies. Blush Bloom Boudoir is more than captivating photographs; it’s a haven of creativity, freedom, and peace. Cassie’s empathetic approach ensures you’re not just seen but cherished—an experience that captures your essence and nurtures the self-love you deserve. Your transformative journey begins here.

Address: Cleveland, OH

Phone: 330-474-9146

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Cassie

Liza Sue Productions

Experience comfort and empowerment at Liza Sue Productions, where every woman’s beauty is celebrated. Liza, our skilled photographer with a background in art, fashion, and costume design, brings a unique touch to capturing your sexy side. With a decade of photography expertise and modeling experience, Liza excels in posing clients for the most flattering angles. We prioritize your comfort, never pressuring you to reveal more than you’re comfortable with. Liza’s mastery of Photoshop ensures professional airbrushing for that extra touch. Her bubbly and down-to-earth personality makes every client feel secure while embracing their sensual side. Choose Liza Sue Productions for an unforgettable experience—capturing your beauty just as you are.

Address: Richfield, OH

Phone: 440-665-9852

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Liza Studebaker

Embrace Boudoir & Glamour

Welcome to Embrace Boudoir & Glamour, a community where the beauty in YOU is celebrated. This vibrant group radiates positivity, offering a warm and welcoming space for photographers of all levels. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, Embrace fosters inspiration, growth, and meaningful connections. As a member, dive into exciting free events, nurturing your creativity and expanding your horizons. Seeking guidance? Embrace provides a wealth of shared insights and expertise. The spirit of sharing love extends to exclusive discounts and sales, enriching your photography journey. Join Embrace Boudoir & Glamour for an enriching experience, where passion thrives, connections flourish, and the beauty within is truly embraced.

Address: Akron, OH

Phone: 330-983-9023

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Becca

Buxom Betty Photography

Meet Amy, the powerhouse behind Buxom Betty Photography, specializing in intimate boudoir portraits for the everyday woman. With 15 years of photography experience, Amy’s mission is clear: empowering ladies to embrace their inner goddess through life-changing boudoir experiences. As your personal hype-girl, she flips self-doubt on its head, revealing your strength, sexiness, and confidence. Amy’s expertise lies in creating uplifting, glamorous, and laughter-filled girls-only luxury boudoir photoshoots. With a background as a graphic designer and marketer, Amy’s journey led her to fulfill her dream with Buxom Betty, proving that every woman is worthy of feeling beautiful and confident. Join Amy on a self-love journey, where empowerment meets expertise at Buxom Betty Photography.

Address: Chagrin Falls, OH

Phone: 216-220-9488

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Amy Ketring

Hello Gorgeous Boudoir Boutique

At Hello Gorgeous Boudoir Boutique, every BODY is celebrated, embracing all curves and edges. Chrystal, the heart behind the lens, believes in empowering individuals to love themselves through the transformative art of boudoir photography. Chrystal’s personal journey with body confidence fuels her passion for helping others discover newfound self-love in the studio. With a commitment to inclusivity, Hello Gorgeous welcomes all shapes, sizes, and genders, ensuring that boudoir is for every BODY at any age. Chrystal’s three studio options or the flexibility of shooting outdoors or in your own home cater to diverse preferences. Experience the power of self-discovery and confidence at Hello Gorgeous Boudoir Boutique, where the focus is on celebrating you.

Address: Stow, OH

Phone: 330-957-4152

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Chrystal

Boudoir By Andrea Witt

Enter the captivating world of Boudoir By Andrea Witt, where Andrea herself is not just a photographer but your friendly neighborhood boudoir enthusiast and number one hype woman. With a seven-year passion for photography, Andrea discovered her true calling in boudoir, unveiling unseen sides of women and creating empowering experiences. For Andrea, the magic lies not just in capturing moments of strength and confidence but in revealing the stories, struggles, and triumphs of everyday women. A session with Andrea is not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your unique story and beauty, offering a pampering “Model-for-a-Day” experience. Whether it’s a gift or a personal milestone, Andrea is ready to make your boudoir dreams a reality.

Address: Cleveland, OH

Phone: 216-302-8603

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Andrea

Erica Schmitt Boudoir

Your guide to self-love and empowerment awaits at Youngstown’s Erica Schmitt Boudoir. As a new mom, Erica’s personal journey shapes her mission—to help women embrace their bodies through a delightful and empowering boudoir experience. Beyond capturing “sexy photos,” Erica offers a transformative shift in self-perception. It’s a celebration of confidence in every shape and life season, where getting dolled up becomes a means to let go and feel beautiful and sexy. Erica’s studio is a haven to accept and love yourself exactly as you are now. Join Erica for a boudoir experience that goes beyond the lens, celebrating the beauty and strength within you.

Address: Youngstown, OH

Phone: 330-610-3551

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Erica

Third Eye Imagery

Indulge in the empowering world of Third Eye Imagery, where wild women seeking confidence and allure find their space. Specializing in boudoir photography, Jenna, your third-eye photog, captures the bold, fierce, and confident essence of every unique woman. Unveil your true self in playful, curious, and mysterious poses, guided by Jenna’s expertise. As a devoted mom and owner of a yoga studio, Jenna thrives in life’s chaos, infusing her passion into every session. More than a photographer, she’s your guide to self-love, encouraging a whole new appreciation for your body. Let Third Eye Imagery transform your boudoir experience into a celebration of your badass and wild essence.

Address: Youngstown, OH

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jenna Forte


Discover Crush.Boudoir, a sanctuary of empowerment where women are celebrated through the lens of an all-female team. Heather, the owner and photographer, exudes passion for boudoir, creating a luxury experience that extends from booking to studio exit. With a supportive atmosphere, Crush.Boudoir captures your perfect imperfections, letting you embrace self-love and create cherished images. Kaytlyn, the associate photographer, adds a decade of expertise, while Elizabeth, the talented hair and makeup artist, enhances beauty and empowerment. Jen, the bookings and inquiries assistant, ensures a seamless experience, embodying Crush.Boudoir’s commitment to empowering women with confidence and exceptional service. Welcome to a transformative boudoir journey, where every woman’s unique essence is celebrated.

Address: Homerville, OH

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Heather

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As we conclude our exploration of the Top Best Boudoir Photographers in North East Ohio, OH, we invite you to envision the transformative experience that awaits you. These artists have skillfully woven a tapestry of intimacy, capturing the essence of your individuality with finesse and grace. Your journey toward self-expression and empowerment is reflected in every carefully crafted image.

Remember, the beauty of boudoir photography lies not just in the final photographs but in the process itself—an exploration of self-love, confidence, and vulnerability. Embrace the power of visual storytelling as you embark on a personal odyssey, leaving you with memories that transcend the ordinary. In the heart of North East Ohio, let these photographers be your trusted companions, guiding you through an experience that celebrates the unique beauty that is undeniably, unapologetically you.

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