Boudoir by Marie

Boudoir by Marie is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios in all of Memphis and beyond, providing local women with bespoke services in the field of boudoir photography sessions. Boudoir by Marie has been in business capturing Memphis-based clients since 2013, and with all of that practical industry experience, this studio is a safe bet when evaluating the details of a boudoir photography process. Bookings are recommended to be made about three to four months in advance to ensure the services of an unbelievable photographer on staff at this studio. Two different outfits and an optional nude shot can be accommodated when working with Boudoir by Marie.

Address: Memphis, TN

Phone: 901-205-9591

Instagram: Boudoir by Marie

Contact : Marie


Ashley Benham Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography services, few studios in the greater metropolitan area of Memphis can come close to the unbelievable offerings at Ashley Benham Photography. Sessions with Ashley Benham Photography include such valuable items as up to ninety minutes of devoted photography coverage in a private studio, up to three outfits, an online gallery with all of the best photos edited and retouched for digital download, and a variety of printed art items that will create a tangible living record of the boudoir shoot that can live on for years into the future.

Address: Memphis, TN

Facebook: Ashley Benham Photography

Instagram: Ashley Benham Photography

Contact : Ashley Benham


Smash Studios Photography

For a boudoir photography experience that will be confidence-boosting from start to finish, check out the Memphis-based studio Smash Studios Photography. Smash Studios Photography is staffed up by two professional photographers who can execute photo sessions of all kinds with absolute ease, and boudoir sessions are just one of the many services on offer at this luxurious photography outlet. Smash Studios Photography prioritizes and places special value on the integration of love into the photographs they take, ensuring that the love a woman feels for herself and her own body will be neatly tied into the boudoir photos taken with this studio.

Address: Memphis, TN

Facebook: Smash Studios Photography

Instagram: Smash Studios Photography

Contact : Ashley


Ayanna Hill Photography

Self-love, inner radiance, and openness to play and exploration are the name of the game at Ayanna Hill Photography, a lovely boudoir photography studio located in Memphis. Though Ayanna with Ayanna Hill Photography is a skilled wedding photographer primarily, she also extends her skills to the craft of boudoir portrait photography, capturing an entirely different side of women as they explore themselves and their sensuality and relationship to love and romance. When working with Ayanna Hill Photography, artful and well-executed photographs resulting from expertly-guided boudoir sessions are a given. 

Address: Memphis, TN

Phone: 901-237-0457

Facebook: Ayanna Hill Photography

Instagram: Ayanna Hill Photography

Contact : Ayanna L. Hill


Camille Leigh Photography

Camille Leigh Photography is a widely loved boudoir photography studio based out of Memphis, the perfect resource for local women looking to explore the arena of boudoir sessions. Boudoir sessions with Camille Leigh Photography can be outfitted to exact client specifications, ensuring that the entire process from the consultation to the photo reveal is totally bespoke and in line with pre-established expectations. Camille Leigh Photography can provide in-house hair and makeup services, a pose assistant to guide through the photo shoot, access to a well-stocked client wardrobe, and a variety of print albums and items that will provide a physical lasting memory of the experience.

Address: Memphis, TN

Phone: 901-210-1772

Facebook: Camille Leigh Photography

Instagram: Camille Leigh Photography

Contact : Camille Leigh

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Now that you have finished reading through our list of the top boudoir photography studios in and around the greater metropolitan area of Memphis Tennessee, we hope that you have a stronger sense of the options in your area. If you’re definitely interested in the practice of boudoir photography and you’re fully aware of all of its implications, you’re ready to go ahead and select your favorite photography studios from this list to gauge their upcoming availability. With all that said, we wish you lots of luck in the process of narrowing down your search for the perfect boudoir photographer in and around Memphis, Tennessee and beyond! 

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