Caley Newberry Studios

Look no further than Caley Newberry Studios for a boudoir photography outlet that can capture women in a variety of poses and angles that highlights their best features. Caley Newberry Studios offers a variety of all-inclusive packages with such items provided as up to 65 images packed into a glamorous photo album, all digital files provided to the client, a variety of physical art items, and an experience that includes a consultation, hair and makeup styling, and the eventual boudoir shoot with outfits and several hours dedicated to photographic coverage.

Address: 1201 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

Phone: 615-601-2394

Facebook: Caley Newberry Studios

Instagram: Caley Newberry Studios

Contact : Caley


Speechless Boudoir

Speechless Boudoir is a Nashville-based boudoir photography studio that can create a photographic experience for local women that embraces the inner confidence and self-love that makes the practice of boudoir photography possible. Speechless Boudoir provides an array of consistent items with every boudoir session, including hair and makeup artist services in advance of the shoot, wardrobe planning, complimentary headshots, professional retouching and editing, and an in-studio image reveal and ordering session during which women can look at the resulting photos and pick out their favorites just two hours after the fact.

Address: Nashville, TN

Phone: 615-882-1774

Facebook: Speechless Boudoir

Instagram: Speechless Boudoir

Contact : Heather & Eugene


Holly Douglas Boudoir

Holly Douglas Boudoir is one of the most sought after boudoir photography studios in all of Nashville and beyond, providing local women with an unforgettable experience celebrating and exploring their most intimate and vulnerable states. Holly Douglas Boudoir can create images that speak to the soul of the woman at the heart of the shoot, with tons of guidance and expertise provided throughout the shoot to keep the female subjects maximally comfortable and at ease. This will allow women to relax into the process and have themselves captured in front of the camera in a way that exposes them to the glamor and seduction of the boudoir process.

Address: Nashville, TN

Phone: 615-282-6693

Profile: Holly Douglas Boudoir

Facebook: Holly Douglas Boudoir

Instagram: Holly Douglas Boudoir

Contact : Holly Douglas


Wilde Company

When it comes to boudoir photography, Wilde Company offers some of the most skilled and artful photography services in all of Nashville and beyond. Wilde Company offers both boudoir sessions and self-love sessions, both of which can help a woman explore her inner and outer beauty through a series of photos that captures all of the details and nuances of the female body. Keeping in mind the ethos that all bodies of all ages and sizes have inherent and observable value, Wilde Company can facilitate a boudoir photography session that can keep women not just comfortable but in a state of constant amazement at what their bodies can truly do.

Address: Nashville, TN

Phone: 615-600-1581

Facebook: Wilde Company

Instagram: Wilde Company

Contact : Amy


Laurie Pearson Photography

Laurie Pearson Photography is one of the most celebrated boudoir photography companies in all of Nashville, with a practice that revolves around empowering and inspiring all women who walk through the doors of the studio for a boudoir session. With the knowledge that “every photo tells a story,” Laurie Pearson Photography has a studio based out of Houston Station, a historic area nearby downtown Nashville that can accommodate boudoir and portrait sessions that are laid back, comfortable, and relaxing. Laurie is the chief photographer, and she specializes in images that combine beauty and emotion together for a blend of the personal and the professional; the resulting photos simply must be seen to be believed. 

Address: Nashville, TN

Phone: 615-347-4079

Facebook: Laurie Pearson Photography

Instagram: Laurie Pearson Photography

Contact : Laurie Pearson


La Photographie

La Photographie is a Nashville-based boudoir photography outlet staffed up by a photographer who can capture the essence of womanhood through a series of intimate boudoir photos. Boudoir photography styles on offer with La Photographie include luxe art boudoir, nature nudes, bathtub glamor, and much more. Because of the flexibility and versatility of the photography services available when working with La Photographie, women can feel comfortable knowing that their exact specifications and desires will be easily met by the professional staff at this bespoke photography company.

Address: Nashville, TN

Phone: 615-477-1670

Facebook: La Photographie

Instagram: La Photographie

Contact : Stephanie May


Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography

Nothing can match the incredible photography services available for booking and purchase with Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography, a boudoir photography studio based out of Nashville. Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography offers all-inclusive packages jam-packed with such items as a pre-session consultation to evaluate various pricing models as well as specifications for the upcoming session, advice on wardrobe selection, choice of photographer and number of wardrobe changes, custom designed furniture sets, micro digital files, multiple rooms with a variety of setups, coaching throughout the boudoir session to ensure that all angles and highlights are neatly captured, and other such incredible offerings.

Address: Nashville, TN

Phone: 312-800-3540

Instagram: Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography

Contact : Jenny Taylor


The Adore Girls

The Adore Girls is one of the most special and luxurious boudoir photography outlets located in and around Nashville, with tons of services for a boudoir session that will not soon be forgotten. Services available with boudoir bookings at The Adore Girls include professional hair and makeup styling services just before the photography shoot, wardrobe consultations, access to a preparation guide to get ready for the photo shoot, two outfits and two sets available, direction through the many poses during the session, full image retouching and editing from a professional photographer and editor, and an in-person photo reveal and ordering session.

Address: 102 Maple St, Smyrna, TN 37167

Phone: 615-336-4256

Facebook: The Adore Girls

Instagram: The Adore Girls

Contact : Jamie Pfister

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Now that you’ve gotten a good chance to check out our list of our highest recommended boudoir photography studios to be found across Nashville, Tennessee and beyond, we hope that you feel just a little bit more confident about narrowing down your options to just the very best of the best. You deserve to work with a photographer who truly takes the time to understand your specific needs and honor them during a boudoir session that explores the intimacy of your body and spirit without invading or prying into any material that might make you uncomfortable. Comfort is the aim in the experience of boudoir photography, and these incredible studios are pretty much a guarantee of comfort, exploration, and a sense of whimsy and fun throughout the boudoir session.

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