Virginia Beach, VA
Hampton Roads Boudoir Studio

Stephanie Michelle Boudoir, nestled in the heart of Virginia Beach, stands as more than a photography studio – it’s a sanctuary where confidence blossoms. Stephanie, a multifaceted woman, effortlessly balances the roles of wife, mother, and friend. With a passion for empowering women, her lens becomes a mirror, reflecting the innate beauty that resides within each client. Striving to eliminate self-doubt, Stephanie invites women to shed negativity, embrace self-care, and revel in a judgment-free zone. Specializing in capturing the bold, the confident, and the gorgeous, Stephanie Michelle Boudoir transforms fantasies into fierce, empowering photos. Discover a space where you’re not just seen but celebrated, where the daring, beautiful you takes center stage.

Address: 2513 North Landing Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Phone: 757-689-7667

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Contact : Stephanie Michelle

Diane Grace Photography

Step into a realm of self-discovery with Diane Grace Photography, where every frame is a celebration of your unique beauty. Specializing in customized portrait experiences, Diane understands that, as a woman constantly giving to others, you may forget to see the gorgeous person you are. This isn’t just a photoshoot; it’s a journey of rediscovery and self-love. Diane believes you deserve to feel beautiful, radiate confidence, and do something exclusively for yourself. Amidst the chaos of daily life, this experience becomes a pause—a chance for you to rejuvenate, ensuring that when you embrace your renewed beauty and confidence, everyone around you benefits. Let Diane Grace Photography redefine your perception of beauty, capturing moments that resonate with your true essence.

Address: PO Box 55174, Virginia Beach, VA 23471

Phone: 757-301-1042

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Contact : Diane Grace

Shawn Sawyer Photography

Enter the empowering world of Shawn Sawyer Photography, where strength and confidence take center stage. Specializing in boudoir photography and maternity shoots, Shawn encourages clients to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their authentic selves. As a published and award-winning photographer, Shawn brings a unique blend of saltiness and expertise to every session. Recognized by CoVA Magazine’s 2021 Reader’s Choice Best Overall Gold Photographer, Shawn is not just capturing images; he’s crafting an experience for every real woman deserving of empowerment. With a passion for tattoo art and a love for bourbon, Shawn Sawyer Photography delivers bold, unapologetic visuals that redefine the narrative of boudoir photography in Virginia Beach.

Address: 2380 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Phone: 757-285-7294

Social: Facebook

Contact : Shawn Sawyer

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Richmond, VA

Welcome to KJBoudoir Photography, where elegance meets empowerment. KJBoudoir creates an intimate symphony of sensuality and self-love. Your unique beauty takes center stage and every photograph is a celebration of confidence, allure, and authenticity. KJBoudoir photography specializes in telling stories of strength, vulnerability, and the unapologetic beauty that is uniquely yours. Kristina, the owner and lead photographer of KJBoudoir, works to personalize each session. Careful attention is paid to designing a photoshoot to fit your style and comfort. Every session is a collaboration that mirrors your essence. At KJBoudoir Photography, the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. Your story, your beauty, and your legacy are immortalized through the lens of KJBoudoir.

Address: Richmond, VA

Profile: KJBoudoir

Social: Instagram

Contact : Kristina Daugherty

Axiom Boudoir

Axiom Boudoir offers empowering sessions for all people regardless of body type, lifestyle, or age. You don’t need a beach body, a perfect smile, or any modeling experience to enjoy your boudoir session with this top-rated Richmond photographer. Adam is the friendly neighborhood boudoir photographer behind Axiom Boudoir. You’ll receive a complimentary consultation call to get to know about your custom requests. Before your shoot with Axiom Boudoir, you’ll receive professional hair and makeup from the in-house artists. Posing guidance will help you throughout the process so you have the best angles possible. Within two weeks, you’ll receive an exclusive reveal of your imagery, with the option to order prints and products of your favorites. 

Address: 802 S Meadow St, Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: 804-408-4766

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Adam Stuart

Bohemian Visions Photography

Discover a more daring way to express yourself with a boudoir session from Bohemian Visions Photography. Get ready for a tailored experience that suits your tastes and ensures your unique beauty shines through. Marie will create a captivating and empowering moment by blending your natural beauty with artistic finesse. Embrace your sensuality in a judgment-free zone with this experienced boudoir photographer in Richmond. From hair and makeup to wardrobe and posing, Marie will make sure you are pampered and spoiled, resulting in stunning imagery that allows your confidence to soar. Bohemian Visions Photography is unequivocally Richmond’s top choice for boudoir photography, known for its unique and artistic approach. 

Address: 1305 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: 804-494-0490

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Marie

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North Va, VA
Karla Mason Photography

Step into empowerment with Karla Mason Photography, where every woman is celebrated as the queen she is. Karla specializes in boudoir photography and women’s intimate portraits, providing a luxurious home studio experience in Stafford, Virginia. Embrace your journey and let Karla hype you up with all the energy you need. From professional hair and makeup to lingerie, Karla ensures every detail is taken care of, so you can relax and let your true beauty shine. Don’t be ashamed of your story; let it inspire others as you embark on a transformative and empowering boudoir experience with Karla Mason Photography.

Address: Stafford, VA

Phone: 571-331-4839

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Contact : Karla

Julie Socher Boudoir

Julie Socher Boudoir provides an empowering experience where every woman is celebrated unapologetically. With a focus on self-love and embracing femininity, Julie’s signature boudoir sessions reveal strength and confidence at every life stage. Regardless of age, relationship status, or body shape, clients are encouraged to reclaim their beauty and embrace their bodies as masterpieces. Julie’s 12 years of specializing in boudoir photography highlight its transformative effects on self-worth. Through personalized sessions, she aims to empower clients to love and honor themselves, beyond societal beauty standards. Julie Socher Boudoir isn’t just a photoshoot—it’s a celebration of individuality, self-acceptance, and empowerment. Experience the magic of boudoir and become the legend you are with Julie Socher Boudoir.

Address: Alexandria, VA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Julie

Evoke Boudoir

Indulge in a luxurious boudoir experience with Evoke Boudoir, where every moment is designed to make you feel empowered and gorgeous. Led by Danielle Tirserio, their focus is on capturing the natural beauty and confidence of women like you, regardless of posing experience. Sip champagne and embrace your sensual side in a comfortable setting while their team works to highlight your unique essence. Warning: side effects may include increased self-confidence, admiring your reflection with a smile, and an undeniable sense of allure. Discover why Evoke Boudoir is the top choice for those seeking a transformative and empowering photography experience in the DC area.

Address: Haymarket, VA

Phone: 202-798-1981

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Danielle Tirserio

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Alexandria, VA
Kellie Frye Photography

Kellie Frye Photography, a beacon of empowerment in Alexandria, VA, specializes exclusively in the art of boudoir photography for women. With over 5 years of dedicated expertise, Kellie understands the intricacies and concerns surrounding boudoir sessions. Her commitment goes beyond capturing moments; it’s about celebrating the diverse beauty that exists in every woman, irrespective of shape, size, or age. The focus is on self-love and confidence, steering clear of outdated beauty norms. Kellie and her team create a personalized, enjoyable experience, guiding clients from preparation to selecting cherished images. At Kellie Frye Photography, the mission is simple: to help every woman rediscover their unique mojo and love the reflection staring back in the mirror.

Address: 6004 Crown Royal Cir, Alexandria, VA 22310

Phone: 703-661-9171

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kellie

Julie Socher Photography

Renowned in Alexandria, VA, Julie Socher Photography is a beacon of empowerment, offering an immersive boudoir experience that transcends traditional photography. With over a decade devoted exclusively to boudoir, Julie invites you to love yourself unapologetically. This isn’t just about capturing images; it’s a celebration of your strength and confidence in every life stage. Rejecting unrealistic beauty norms, Julie encourages women to reclaim femininity, embrace their bodies, and recognize the beauty others see. Her personalized approach, devoid of rigid expectations, promises a life-transforming experience where you can honor yourself through captivating portraits. As a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers, Julie Socher weaves magic into every session, ensuring you walk away feeling powerful, fearless, and beautiful in that very moment.

Address: Alexandria, VA

Phone: 202-417-6813

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Julie

Kate Andreya Photography

In the realm of boudoir photography in Alexandria, VA, Kate Andreya Photography offers more than a session—it’s an intimate journey of self-love. Kate’s approach goes beyond traditional norms, ensuring an authentic, creative experience that refrains from over-sexualization. Beyond the lens, her mission is to empower, guiding women to embrace kindness, self-love, and confidence. No matter the insecurities, from stretch marks to laughter lines, Kate’s expertise lies in revealing the art within. This isn’t just about capturing moments; it’s about challenging fears, embracing milestones, and recognizing that, as she believes, “you are already a masterpiece, waiting to be captured that way.” Choose Kate Andreya Photography for a transformative celebration of your unique self.

Address: Alexandria, VA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kate Andreya

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Fredericksburg Va, VA
Kirby K Photography

Kirby K Photography embraces boudoir as a form of creative self-empowerment. Their approach is tailored to each client, whether they seek to boost confidence or create a meaningful gift for a loved one. With Kirby K, clients are promised an experience that leaves them feeling like the fierce, confident women they truly are. Their dedication to capturing the essence of each individual ensures that every session is personalized and memorable. Through their lens, clients discover a newfound sense of empowerment and celebrate their unique beauty. Kirby K Photography invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the art of boudoir photography.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kirby Delloiacono

Debbie Ringle Photography

With over 12 years of experience, Debbie Ringle Photography specializes in capturing authentic connections and empowering moments. Whether you’re a mom longing to step in front of the lens or a bride-to-be seeking to immortalize your joy, Debbie ensures your vision becomes reality. Her warm, vibrant style infuses each session with joy and authenticity, blending candid moments with beautifully posed shots. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery, Debbie’s professionalism and attention to detail shine through, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience. With her extensive travel experience, spanning from the East Coast to international destinations like France, Debbie brings a unique perspective to every shoot. Choose Debbie Ringle Photography for an unforgettable boudoir experience that celebrates your beauty and confidence.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Phone: 540-424-3035

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Debbie Williams

Wolfcrest Photography

Capturing life and love authentically, Wolfcrest Photography, based in Fredericksburg, VA, immortalizes unscripted moments for generations to come. Led by Sara, whose passion for visual storytelling shines through her work, Wolfcrest Photography provides a blend of imagery and words that connect on a profound level. Sara’s background in graphic design lends a unique artistic eye to every session, ensuring each moment is preserved with precision and emotion. With a focus on guiding clients to be their authentic selves in front of the lens, Wolfcrest Photography crafts timeless portraits that reflect the true essence of each individual. Choose Wolfcrest Photography for a boudoir experience that celebrates your unique story with sincerity and artistry.

Address: Fredericksburg, VA

Phone: 757-812-1245

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sara

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