10 Questions with Ellie Rich

Ellie Rich

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10 Questions with Ellie Rich

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hello everyone! My name is Eleonora Richardson, known as Ellie Rich. I'm a Denver based artist and photographer, specializing in Fine Art portraits, Fantasy, High-end Fashion, and Aesthetic Boudoir.

My photography is not limited to these genres - I simply enjoy working on unique, complex and challenging projects that have a lot of space for creativity and require a strong skill set.

I love to give people a possibility to unleash their inner self, to experience something unusually beautiful and dreamy. Even more, I love to see their reaction when they realize that this surreal beauty is their own image, captured through my lens! It is never solely about taking photos, it is about giving my clients a possibility to experience a dream photo session that will bring to life great parts of their personalities they never knew they had. That is why I love photography! Whilst it is my main occupation that took me all over the world throughout the recent 15 years, I also work on various projects as an art director, model, fashion designer, life coach and troubleshooter.

2. What is your experience shooting boudoir?

My goal is to capture the most beautiful portrait you have ever seen of yourself! Boudoir photo sessions shall be empowering, beautiful and as aesthetically pleasing as the best form of art you can imagine...

Beauty knows no limits - it can be as expressive and wild as our whims dictate! Manifestations of desires, fascinations and fantasies, locations and mood change the way the beauty shines... One day we may be delicate and sensual - another we feel for daring ventures and vividly powerful attitudes!
Through my lens, I capture every single aspect of the beauty as it is - fragile in a moment, that exists here and now, flourishing with the utmost brightness and variety of thoughts. Then I add a bit of magic to make it look ethereal and yet quite real, distant and unreachable, yet luring and so close...

Every soul has a beautiful story - I simply know how to bring this story to life through a visual manifestation of luxurious boudoir photography!

I have worked on highly creative and demanding projects all over the world for the 15 years. Aesthetic Boudoir photography became part of my most beloved genres for last 5 years as I made it my mission to make my girls feel like they are piece of art themselves.

3. Where will the photo shoot take place?

I mostly shoot outdoor, all over Colorado and the US, in the most beautiful destinations. I have a simple studio available with access to a swimming pool for highly aesthetic photos in water. Most of styled boudoir photo session take place in rented studios that match preferences and fit the needs of my clients.

4. How should customers prepare for the Boudoir photo shoot?

I want to capture the most authentically beautiful, mesmerizing portrait of you. I want it to represent everything that is important to you - everything that makes you 'YOU'. So, lets's connect!

We might be going for a stylization that will be different than your daily self. That what dreams are for, right? Nevertheless, I would love to keep the original beauty of your personality. As Irene Adler said: "Do you know the big problem with a disguise? However hard you try, it's always a self-portrait." I want to use this self-portrait to create the most mesmerizing image that will still show you as you are.

5. Will there be a hairstylist and make-up artist?

Most of my clients do their own makeup.

6. What do you do to make your customers feel comfortable for the shoot?

I'm here for them to answer their questions and to guide them through all stages of their project. I gladly assist them with searching for an ideal location for their dream project, consult them concerning the outfit and give any other relevant advice they might need.

I talk to them or meet in person if they live somewhere near Denver to go through all details that will make THEIR project special. I'm here for them. I mean it. I'm a photographer and a model with 15 years of international experience so I always provide them with any advise that they might need when we are working on their dream photo session. From helping them with posing to creating the most flattering light and provoking genuine, beautiful emotions on the face - no matter what would it be - I got them covered.

7. Are pictures printed or do you provide a digital file?

All edited images are uploaded to the online gallery where my clients are able to view and download them in the original resolution. Additionally, there is an option to purchase more photos. I could create a gallery wit the remaining shots for them to chose from. After they would select their favorite additional images I will edit them and add those photos to the gallery.

If they would like their favorite photos to be printed I can do it. I work with printing company that works with professional photographers only and has the best quality of prints. Yes, I checked the quality of other companies. Now I am certain that my clients will get the best quality product.

8. What happens on the day?

Everything what we discussed with my clients. Every photo session is a tailor made experience created and customized for every customer.

Often my clients bring friends to the photo sessions. The more the merrier!
If it is desired, my husband can shoot alongside me. His presence also ensures safety if we work outdoors.

9. Where will the photographs be used?

It depends on the desires of my clients. Final edited photos can be created only for the client and not shared or published anywhere upon an agreement that we discuss beforehand. My works were published in above 120 magazines so I also can ensure that any photo session I work on will get published if my client is interested in it.

Most commonly I post 1-3 photos from the photo session on some of my social media.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

I don't take money upfront. The only thing that is necessary to book a date is a none refundable deposit of $100 that calculates towards the photo session. The remaining payment can be transferred any time within 48 hours after the photo session takes place, before I process all photos. I always send a contract to my clients that outlines all aspects and nuances.



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