Houston, TX
Moka Beaute Studio

In the heart of Houston, Texas, Moka Beaute Studio stands out as a beacon of beauty and artistry, led by the talented professional makeup artist, Ashley Adams. With a passion that dates back to 2012, Ashley specializes in beauty, special occasions, and print work, dedicating herself to enhancing the natural allure of her clients. Trained by industry luminaries like Tiyana Robinson and Scott Barnes, Ashley stays on the cutting edge of trends and products, ensuring Moka Beaute Studio delivers exceptional service. Beyond beautifying, Ashley is driven to empower women through her artistry, offering educational sessions that impart the secrets of flawless makeup application. Discover a world where beauty meets expertise at Moka Beaute Studio.

Address: 3420 Rusk St Ste. 29, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: 832-301-8700

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ashley Adams

Perfect Pout Houston Makeup Artistry

Meet Kristin Jones-Coyle, the visionary behind Perfect Pout Houston Makeup Artistry. With a lifelong passion for the arts, beauty, and design, Kristin’s journey began at 15 with Glamour Shots, followed by a successful 16-year tenure at M.A.C. Cosmetics. Rising from M.A.C. artist to District Retail Manager, she managed an $11 million budget across seven locations. Fueled by a commitment to making women feel beautiful, Kristin embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, birthing Perfect Pout—a mobile makeup service offering “Glam On-Demand” at clients’ chosen locations. Kristin’s mission: to provide stellar customer experiences and breathtaking transformations, ensuring every client leaves with the perfect pout and a radiant smile.

Address: Houston, TX

Phone: 281-787-2838

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kristin Jones-Coyle

Polished Makeup and Hair

Enter the enchanting world of Polished Makeup and Hair, a team that transcends conventional beauty standards to empower women globally. Founded by the visionary Sam Patel, Polished is more than a hair and makeup team—it’s a transformative experience. Specializing in natural, skin-like makeup and flawless hairstyles, the Polished Team, led by Sam, creates picture-perfect looks that turn heads and leave a trail of confidence wherever they go. Sam’s global journey, from teaching airbrush techniques in Lithuania to beautifying clients across Spain, Thailand, and the U.S., infuses Polished with a rich tapestry of beauty insights. Choose Polished for a beauty adventure that celebrates individuality and makes every moment extraordinary.

Address: 11011 S Wilcrest Dr suite k, Houston, TX 77099

Phone: 713-364-3123

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sam Patel

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San Antonio, TX
Felicity Buie Makeup Artistry

Address: 18720 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: 210-570-5542

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Felicity Buie

JAX Studio

Address: 1806 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: 210-990-5299

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jacqueline

Braid N'Hairpins Makeup and Hair

Address: 9258 Culebra Rd Suite 112, San Antonio, TX 78251

Phone: 210-852-9795

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ronee Aguilar

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Dallas, TX
LaDonna Stein Makeup Artist

With over 25 years of expertise, LaDonna Stein, an acclaimed makeup artist nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas, brings a touch of timeless beauty to every canvas. Specializing in a spectrum of styles, from vintage glamour to avant-garde transformations, LaDonna’s artistic journey began in Amarillo, TX, blossoming into a global pursuit of beauty. Trained by the Diane Dick Modeling Agency, University of North Texas, and MAC Cosmetics, she embodies versatility and trend-conscious creativity. Beyond the brush, LaDonna fosters confidence, making clients feel their best. Explore the allure of creative abandon and the pursuit of beauty with LaDonna Stein Makeup Artist – where every stroke is a celebration of individuality.

Address: 4153 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: 940-453-4987

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : LaDonna Stein

Paige Anderson Makeup

Boasting 16 years of expertise, Paige Anderson Makeup reigns supreme in Dallas’ beauty realm. With a passion for all things hair and makeup, Paige’s illustrious career spans movies, fashion shows, and celebrity work. Notable personalities like Peyton Manning and Ben Affleck trust her skills. Featured in the Dallas Observer, Paige is celebrated for her flexibility and client-centric approach. From big photoshoots to intimate occasions, her adaptability shines. Avoiding clichés, Paige and her team prioritize your vision. Count on her extensive repertoire for corporate events, grooming, and more. Paige Anderson, a prominent name in beauty, promises to turn your hair and makeup dreams into reality, ensuring your project’s success.

Address: 203 W Comstock St, Dallas, TX 75208

Phone: 214-448-6438

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Paige Anderson

Penny Sadler Hair & Makeup

Penny Sadler Hair & Makeup, based in Dallas, Texas, stands as a beacon of beauty and expertise. Renowned internationally, Penny is not only a skilled makeup artist but also a writer, esthetician, public speaker, and educator. Her illustrious career boasts collaborations with prominent figures such as Kelly Clarkson, Barbara Corcoran, and Mark Cuban. Recognizing the importance of skincare, Penny combines her artistry with a commitment to healthy skin, inspired by her own battle with skin cancer. As a product expert and writer, she shares invaluable insights on travel-worthy beauty, skin cancer prevention, and more. Embrace Penny’s talent and experience for a camera-ready, timeless allure that transcends traditional beauty norms.

Address: Dallas, TX

Phone: 214-797-9600

Social: Facebook

Contact : Penny

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Austin, TX
Jessica Roop Beauty & Boudoir

With all artists licensed cosmetologists and insured, Jessica Roop Beauty & Boudoir in Austin, TX, boasts an award-winning team of hair stylists and makeup artists. They collaborate closely with clients to bring any vision or desired look to life. Whether it’s for a special event, photoshoot, or everyday glam, their skilled team is dedicated to achieving exceptional results. With a commitment to professionalism and expertise, Jessica Roop Beauty & Boudoir stands out as a top choice for those seeking high-quality hair and makeup services in Austin.

Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 773-241-0508

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jessica

Makeup by Adrienn and Team

Beginning their journey with a passion for beauty, Makeup by Adrienn and Team has blossomed from a solo endeavor into a thriving collective of highly trained stylists in Austin, TX. Dedicated to instilling confidence and beauty in every client, their team remains abreast of the latest trends to offer superior beauty and style services. Whether it’s for weddings or special events, their expertise ensures a personalized experience tailored to each client’s unique vision and preferences. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Makeup by Adrienn and Team emerges as a premier choice for hair and makeup services in Austin.

Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 949-272-6092

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Adrienn

Adore Makeup Boutique and Salon

Adore Makeup Boutique and Salon prioritizes the safety and beauty of their clients above all else. With a steadfast commitment to taking every precaution, they ensure that each client feels safe and beautiful throughout their experience. As a trusted destination for hair and makeup services in Austin, TX, Adore provides a welcoming and secure environment where clients can relax and indulge in premium beauty treatments. With their dedication to excellence and client satisfaction, Adore Makeup Boutique and Salon stands out as a top choice for those seeking professional and safe hair and makeup services in Austin.

Address: 3425 Bee Caves Rd a1, Austin, TX 78746

Phone: 512-524-0208

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Rhea & Shirley

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Fort Worth, TX
Ahimsa Artistry

With over a decade of experience, Randi Rogers is the talented force behind Ahimsa Artistry, a premier hair and makeup studio in Fort Worth, TX. As the proud owner, Randi brings a blend of professionalism and creativity to every client she serves. Alongside her is Amy Jo, a seasoned artist whose determination and skill have earned her a well-deserved place in the industry. Together, they form a dynamic team dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and empowering their clients. With Ahimsa Artistry, you can expect top-notch expertise and personalized attention, making it a standout choice among Fort Worth’s best hair and makeup artists.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 214-870-7757

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Randi Rogers


JessLBeauty, a leading hair and makeup artist in Fort Worth, TX, specializes in creating radiant looks that last. With a commitment to using high-quality products, clients can expect a flawless finish that enhances their natural beauty. From elegant updos to trendy boho styles, JessLBeauty offers a variety of hairstyling options tailored to individual preferences. Whether you’re seeking a classic vintage wave or a braided South Asian style, JessLBeauty ensures that each client leaves feeling confident and glowing. With attention to detail and a passion for their craft, JessLBeauty stands out as one of Fort Worth’s top choices for hair and makeup artistry.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-239-7242

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jessica Lara

Kiss and Makeup

Focused on airbrush makeup and hair design, Kiss and Makeup in Fort Worth, TX, offers a stress-free approach to beauty preparations. Clients can unwind as the skilled team ensures they feel confident and comfortable. Specializing in creating bubbly and radiant looks, Kiss and Makeup strives to exceed expectations, leaving clients feeling their best for any occasion. With their attention to detail and dedication to enhancing natural beauty, Kiss and Makeup stands as one of the top choices for hair and makeup artists in Fort Worth.

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-683-5887

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Shena, Channing & Brea

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El Paso, TX
Eleven Sixteen Hair and Makeup Studio

Elevate your beauty experience with Eleven Sixteen Hair and Makeup Studio in El Paso, TX. Committed to creating your best look, they prioritize building a personal connection from the moment you take a seat in their chair. With a dedication to excellence, their skilled team ensures each visit is an unforgettable journey tailored to your unique style and personality. Whether you’re preparing for a special event or simply seeking a fresh new look, Eleven Sixteen Hair and Makeup Studio is your go-to destination for impeccable beauty transformations. Discover the difference exceptional expertise can make, and step into a world of beauty that’s all about you.

Address: 2159 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901

Phone: 915-995-6435

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sunshine McCleary

Bijoux Belles Studio

Meet Bijoux Belles Studio by Liza Janel, your go-to destination for exquisite hair and makeup in El Paso, Texas. With over a decade of industry expertise, their team specializes in crafting sophisticated looks that highlight your natural beauty. Whether you’re gearing up for a special event or simply seeking a glam transformation, trust their skilled hands to make you feel confident and elegant. With a focus on enhancing your best features, Bijoux Belles Studio ensures you’ll radiate class and sophistication on any occasion. Step into their studio and leave feeling like the most polished and glamorous version of yourself.

Address: 10105 Montwood Dr Suite J, El Paso, TX 79935

Phone: 915-256-4803

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Liza Janel

Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio

Discover the mastery of Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio, where passion meets expertise in El Paso, TX. With over 30 years of experience, Jinny’s credibility in the beauty industry is unmatched. As a licensed educator, stylist, and makeup artist, she’s the ultimate package when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty. Jinny’s innate ability to recognize and amplify the beauty within each person sets her apart. Whether you’re seeking a subtle glow or a glamorous transformation, trust Jinny to bring out your best self with her array of techniques. Step into her studio and experience the magic of Jinny Riddle’s unparalleled skill and dedication to excellence.

Address: 1280 Hawkins Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925

Phone: 915-820-0333

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jinny Riddle

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