Moka Beaute Studio

In the heart of Houston, Texas, Moka Beaute Studio stands out as a beacon of beauty and artistry, led by the talented professional makeup artist, Ashley Adams. With a passion that dates back to 2012, Ashley specializes in beauty, special occasions, and print work, dedicating herself to enhancing the natural allure of her clients. Trained by industry luminaries like Tiyana Robinson and Scott Barnes, Ashley stays on the cutting edge of trends and products, ensuring Moka Beaute Studio delivers exceptional service. Beyond beautifying, Ashley is driven to empower women through her artistry, offering educational sessions that impart the secrets of flawless makeup application. Discover a world where beauty meets expertise at Moka Beaute Studio.

Address: 3420 Rusk St Ste. 29, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: 832-301-8700

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ashley Adams

Perfect Pout Houston Makeup Artistry

Meet Kristin Jones-Coyle, the visionary behind Perfect Pout Houston Makeup Artistry. With a lifelong passion for the arts, beauty, and design, Kristin’s journey began at 15 with Glamour Shots, followed by a successful 16-year tenure at M.A.C. Cosmetics. Rising from M.A.C. artist to District Retail Manager, she managed an $11 million budget across seven locations. Fueled by a commitment to making women feel beautiful, Kristin embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, birthing Perfect Pout—a mobile makeup service offering “Glam On-Demand” at clients’ chosen locations. Kristin’s mission: to provide stellar customer experiences and breathtaking transformations, ensuring every client leaves with the perfect pout and a radiant smile.

Address: Houston, TX

Phone: 281-787-2838

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kristin Jones-Coyle

Polished Makeup and Hair

Enter the enchanting world of Polished Makeup and Hair, a team that transcends conventional beauty standards to empower women globally. Founded by the visionary Sam Patel, Polished is more than a hair and makeup team—it’s a transformative experience. Specializing in natural, skin-like makeup and flawless hairstyles, the Polished Team, led by Sam, creates picture-perfect looks that turn heads and leave a trail of confidence wherever they go. Sam’s global journey, from teaching airbrush techniques in Lithuania to beautifying clients across Spain, Thailand, and the U.S., infuses Polished with a rich tapestry of beauty insights. Choose Polished for a beauty adventure that celebrates individuality and makes every moment extraordinary.

Address: 11011 S Wilcrest Dr suite k, Houston, TX 77099

Phone: 713-364-3123

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sam Patel

Lisa Pelayo Makeup & Beauty

Experience the pinnacle of beauty at Lisa Pelayo Makeup & Beauty, Houston’s unrivaled makeup artistry destination. Helmed by the talented Lisa Pelayo, this esteemed artist has meticulously assembled a team that ranks among the city’s most sought-after. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Lisa’s discerning eye and talent have graced the faces of socialites, models, and earned accolades in prestigious publications. From Sports Illustrated models to the front covers of Texas Monthly, Lisa’s skill extends to everyday clients, ensuring each face she touches becomes a canvas of radiant beauty. Choose Lisa Pelayo Makeup & Beauty for an unparalleled blend of passion, experience, and transformative artistry.

Address: 1502 Sawyer St #235, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: 281-781-6914

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lisa Pelayo

Makeup By Mari

Discover the artistry of Maricella Metzler, the creative force behind Makeup By Mari in Houston, Texas. A native Houstonian and sought-after makeup artist, Mari transforms faces, enhancing natural beauty through her flawless makeup techniques. From a childhood passion that blossomed into an entrepreneurial adventure, Mari’s journey led her to develop a premium ingredient makeup line, Makeup by Mari. Fueled by a commitment to quality and innovation, her cruelty-free collection offers 100 color-inclusive products, matching every skin tone. Available at Premium Aesthetics, Trellis Spa at The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa, and online, Makeup By Mari is your gateway to a world where beauty meets expertise.

Address: 2400 Mid Ln #120, Houston, TX 77027

Phone: 832-627-8275

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mari

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As a Boudoir artist, your quest for excellence finds its perfect partners in Houston’s extraordinary Hair and Makeup Artists. Their commitment to elevating your vision is unparalleled, ensuring every photoshoot becomes a masterpiece. From meticulously sculpted hairstyles to flawlessly executed makeup, these professionals understand the importance of accentuating sensuality and confidence.

In the diverse landscape of Houston, these artists stand out, bringing a touch of magic to your Boudoir creations. Whether you’re drawn to timeless beauty or crave the avant-garde, our curated list caters to every taste. Elevate your art, empower your clients, and embrace the transformative journey that collaboration with these exceptional talents promises. The allure of Houston’s top Hair and Makeup Artists awaits, ready to turn your Boudoir visions into captivating realities.

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